Review: Jack Harlow showcases both braggadocio and vulnerability on his debut project

‘That’s What They All Say’ is a culmination of the breakout star’s successful year

Jack Harlow Twitter | Photo Courtesy
Despite this being his debut album, Harlow’s been climbing the charts for years.

Kentucky-based rapper Jack Harlow’s career has been an interesting climb, to say the least. The artist has carefully teased his full potential over the years, as he’s dropped EPs and mixtapes since the beginning of 2016. Near the end of his high school career, he decided to strictly pursue rap, against all odds.

Most doubted him, as his raps were both braggadocious and self-deprecating simultaneously. Harlow didn’t gain much traction in the music industry until his JetsonMade-produced track “What’s Poppin” nearly broke the internet earlier this year with its virality. However, over four years later, Harlow is back with his debut studio album, ‘That’s What They All Say.’

The project is Harlow’s victory lap in regards to his immensely successful year. After becoming a household name through a viral hit, Harlow proves that he’s here to stay in the spotlight, rather than become yet another one-hit-wonder.

Over 15 tracks, Harlow displays a greater lyrical range than ever before on previous projects, as he delivers everything from club hits to introspective, vulnerable grievances. The project also comes stacked with notable features, including the likes of Big Sean, Adam Levine, Lil Baby, Chris Brown, and more.

Clocking in at just over a brisk 40 minutes, Harlow offers no shortage of tracks with the potential to blow up across social media just as previous viral hit has done. Standout tracks include the previously released “Tyler Herro”, “Keep It Light”, as well as the viral hit “What’s Poppin” and its associated remix.

While Harlow may dive deeper into a different range of topics this time around, he chooses to stick to eerily similar beats throughout the project. The typical drum patterns and instrumentals all guide Harlow to delivering the same flow across most of the project, causing an “in one ear, out the other” feeling for many listeners throughout the project.

Dedicated fans are sure to replay this project over time and time again, helping them grow a deeper connection with each song. For the average listener, however, it’s a project that shows a young rapper with talent that has yet to fine-tune his skills.

While he’s at a very impressive place in his career at the young age of 22 years old, he displays that he may not be perfect, but he has more than enough time and room to grow. Harlow is one of the few rappers in today’s crowd that everyone should keep a close eye on, as he’s bound to only go up from here.

Review: 2.5/5

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