Review: ‘IT’ A Scary Good Time

‘It’ (2017) is now in theaters.

If Steven King liked it, why can’t we like it?

Last Tuesday, I went to go watch the big screen adaptation of Steven King’s “It.” Apparently, some of you did too, since my group got literally the seats all the way to the right in the front. My neck hurt a lot, but overall it was a fantastic experience.

The big screen adaptation was worth the 31-year long wait. The characters were great, and Pennywise was worth the price of admission.

I, for one, was not sure how Tim Curry’s Pennywise could be followed up. His face haunted my childhood nightmares. After seeing the 2017 movie though, I can say that Bill Skarsgard’s portrayal is masterful.

Pennywise is creepy in all of the old ways, but also has a new twist. Skarsgard’s portrayal is a fresh new rendition of a truly terrifying Steven King character.

Don’t mistake “It” for a scary and gory film, with blood and guts throughout. “It” isn’t scary in that sense. “It” is just scary good.

The dialogue makes sense, which is rare in modern horror films. The kids are hilarious.

While you sit back and find your childhood fear of clowns all over again, you also find dick jokes and ‘I banged you mom’ jokes from a rambunctious group of tweens. The people in the theater laughed more than anybody in any recent Adam Sandler movie.

I found myself smiling through the horror scenes, amazed by the emotions and how well-written the movie is. The special effects did not take away from the plot like the miniseries from the ’90s, but rather added to the eerie feeling that the rest of the plot presents.

The moment when Pennywise opens his mouth to eat his victims made me smile the most, personally.

This is what “It” really is. A good movie with humor sprinkled throughout and a murderous clown thrown in for good measure.

By no reason go to “It” expecting pure gore. Instead, go to “It” because it is a new horror classic that is exceptionally done.

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