Review: Eric Alexandrakis delivers a visionary, fearless take on Valentine’s Day

‘Love’s A Bitch’ showcases an alternative take on yesteryear’s pop

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The album blends new material with previously released love-themed tracks.

Since the release of his critically acclaimed album Terra, Eric Alexandrakis hasn’t steered away from taking the road less traveled. The majority of his catalog is energetic and self-confident. If one were in a crowded room dancing as if nobody’s watching, this would be the soundtrack.

It’s no wonder that Alexandrakis is as bold and adventurous as he is. The artist has been inspired by his personal experiences battling and surviving cancer not only once, but twice. Furthermore, the artist is coming off the success of earning his first Grammy Award nomination for his recent spoken word album that centers around his battles.

Since Terra was released, it’s evident that Alexandrakis had a desire to push the creative envelope further. With “Love’s A Bitch,” the artist successfully infuses iconic sounds of the 1960s, 70s and 80s into a new sound that’s both experimental and familiar.

The album was created in its entirety on a 16-track recorder, allowing the project to have the old-school psychedelic rock sound that it effortlessly achieves. While Alexandrakis may have completed the majority of this album without assistance in terms of arranging, producing and mixing, that isn’t to say that he was alone throughout the entire process.

In terms of production credits, Alexandrakis has some assistance from A-List artists including Steve Ferrone and John Taylor (Duran Duran) and Kirk Kelsey (The Smashing Pumpkins). Furthermore, Alexandrakis preferred to keep some of the work in the family, as his teenage son earns production credit for his work on the drums.

Standout tracks include the previously released track “She Sparkles,” as well as the monumental “It Was Me,” both of which deliver sounds that have been seldom created, let alone heard, before this album.

While a handful of the tracks have been released before, songs such as “I Love Me” and “London Girls” offer a more concise sound and flow through the album with their placement in the new album.

With the release of his new album comes another step forward in the already impressive career of Alexandrakis. While the album may have a notable amount of previously released tracks, the new songs alone are more than enough to draw listeners in for this quirky Valentine’s Day special.

“Love’s A Bitch” is due out Monday, February 1.

Review: 4.5/5

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