Review: ‘Community Inn’

Goodbye June’s sophomore album is heavy and eclectic

‘Community Inn’ sees the young band experimenting with their influences.

Southern blues rock act Goodbye June’s sophomore album “Community Inn” sees the band of cousins exploring their influences.

The 12–song album was released October 25 on Earache Records with a wide variety of influences apparent. For example, “Natural” has nods to Led Zeppelin, while “Rolling of My Tongue” features some hard rock elements of the 80s. There are blues and folk elements in multiple tracks, as well.

It is an ambitious album, and while there are a few bright points, many tracks on “Community Inn” try to do a little too much. Tracks will appear to be one style and then abruptly switch part way through

‘Lonely Beautiful People’

A favorite from the album, “Lonely Beautiful People” starts off with a catchy honky groove backed by snare–heavy percussion. During the verses, this hook is dropped in favor of acoustic strumming.

Complete with a Beatles-esque string section, this song is breezy and addictive.

‘Switchblade Heart’

A bright R & B tinted tune that still manages to be effortlessly cool and fun. The 3 minute 45 second runtime seems over too soon, and you’ll find yourself hitting repeat.

A song about a crazy woman you can’t seem to leave, the chorus exclaims, “She’s a switchblade heart. Press the wrong button then she cuts me apart. Twist it just right and she’s leaving me for dead and laying in my bed, messing with my head.”

The most “country” this song gets is the band members’ accents. The ideal song for a late-night city drive when you are feeling on top of the world.

‘Live in the Now’

Jangling guitar periodically pierced by soaring electric gives this song the feeling of a modern southern rock track. You can picture Goodbye June hoofing it down some red dirt road in the middle of the desert.

The song’s message is an important one. It is easy to become so obsessed with the past and focused on the future to remember to experience life as it happens.

The chorus sings “I’ve been walking ahead, always losing myself replaying words that I’ve said from the past where I dwell. Gotta find a way somehow to live in the now.”

Overall, this is an album worth checking out. Goodbye June is a talented band still exploring the limits of their sound. They will continue to be ones to watch in the rock scene.

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