Remember Where You Came From

I’ve bounced around a few different cities in my life.

I was born in Idaho, moved to a little town in North Dakota for a few years and then moved to a much larger city in Minnesota before coming to Fargo.

And as I sit at a local bar I will not name, thinking about shaking president Dean L. Bresciani’s hand in six days, I’m happy that I attended North Dakota State.

I’ve made a lot of lifelong friends, learned a few things and covered a lot of wonderful sporting events.

I was fortunate enough to cover the Bison win its fifth straight national championship. I was able to cover a quarterback that was selected by the Philadelphia Eagles with the No.2 pick in the NFL Draft. I spent four days in Sioux Falls, S.D. covering the men’s basketball team at the Summit League Tournament, and I did that twice. I’ve been able to watch Logan Moreland bang home runs, and I’ve witnessed possibly the fastest runner in Erin Teschuk.

I may have not been that successful at the math or science subjects but I learned how to become a better writer. And writing is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

I have to thank NDSU athletics for being successful because it made my time at the student newspaper a lot better.

Now as I tiptoe into the real world I must find a job. But I really don’t want to leave Fargo, and honestly, I’m not ready to leave NDSU.

I took high school for granted, and college went way too fast. It’s going to go fast for you as well. So, do everything. Well, not everything. What I’m trying to say is join a club or two, take a creative writing class, ride bike share to the liquor store, I mean library.

Have fun.

There will be sporting events every night, so don’t stay in your dorm or house because there are top tier student athletes on this campus. And they need your support.

Well, it’s time to pay my tab so start your story and no matter how weird or ridiculous it gets, stick to your story and write it out.

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