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Recreation at NDSU

My day actively starts at 9 a.m. and continues till 4 p.m. with just an hour break in the whole day. At­tending classes and work­ing in labs for long hours has now become a usual routine. After 4 p.m., I feel relaxed that the day is over. But factually, the real work on­sets. Finishing assignments, preparing for upcoming quizzes, exams and researching for projects all fill my mind.

After experiencing such a workload in just a month, I feel stressed and exhausted. I am no longer able to have or even skip my meals. I cannot even find the time to take care of my personal heath. I believe many students might be in the same situation as myself.

This weary behavior urged me to go for recreational activities. Surprisingly, after living more than a year here, I have come to know that NDSU has a plenty of relaxation and amusing activities every week.

Firstly, the Wallman Wellness Center provides fitness equipment and group ex­ercise classes every day from morning to late mid-night. And coincidently, it works for me. So, if you are busy from morning to evening, then one can still catch up the body fitness exercises at night.

This week I attended the Zumba fitness class in Wellness center. The killer workout with the infectious music makes you feel relieved from the tension and worries. And now, I go for it regularly just to experience the beautiful ambience of that place.

Even if you are not very fond of doing exercises or workouts, there are other ways to improve your physical and mental well­ness. We receive announcement emails with a subject line-“Campus Attractions” regarding the upcoming fun events for the coming weekend.

These events possibly include comedy shows, movies to watch for free and music and dance events on the NDSU campus. Ev­ery weekend such activities are organized with the motive to enjoy our moments and have fun.

MU Live and Campus Live also organize several events. So, take advantage of these activities. Also, try to engage in various stu­dent organizations such as Korean, Chinese, Black student associations etc. Learn and share the languages and culture, be a part of them.

Every Friday has many different events to choose from. In the lower level of the Memorial Union you can play billiards, go bowling, participate in an array of events from karaoke to various dance forms, enjoy free snacks and play video games. It just takes my breath away. So, take the initiative and you’ll figure out that there is a lot more to do on the way.

Shaurya is a senior majoring in comput­er engineering.


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