A Rainy Bye Weekend Planner

This weekend is an odd one here at North Dakota State. Not only is the football team on their bye week, but there is just one home athletics event, and it is on Sunday. That makes it the perfect chance to go outside on Saturday and do something. But after looking at the weather, storms are in the forecast. Still, there is plenty to go do on a wet bye week Saturday.

Esports tournament

So, the stereotype is that gamers spend all their time indoors anyway. That may or may not be fair, but it is worth noting that outside the graphics are dodgy, NPCs are terrible and the respawn time is non-existent.

The bad weather makes it perfect to stay inside. It would be pretty simple to get some friends together and fire up the PlayStation, Xbox, PC or whatever Nintendo console and get playing.

It is not like there aren’t any games to play, with your options ranging from the button mashing king Smash Bros. to the simple yet complex Rocket League. Even the more traditional sports fan can fire up FIFA or embarrass someone in Madden.

Go to the Wellness Center

This way, the workout can get done without getting sopping wet (unless that workout is a swim).

It is amazing that there is so much to do stuffed into such a small space. Swimming, basketball, soccer, weight lifting, racquetball, running and cardio, it’s all there.

It may be the simple answer to the question of what to do this week, but the great Michael Scott always said, “Keep it simple stupid.”

Go outside anyway

What is a little rain? If there isn’t any lightning and the wind isn’t too bad, then really anything is possible. Even if there is lightning, anything outside of golf and baseball with a metal bat is fine.

There is always a little extra drama when the elements get involved in a pick-up game. A bunch of people slipping around on the wet grass is objectively funny. It also shows who really has the most skill, because the ability of staying upright will be the difference between a win and a loss. But really, the final score will still be fun to fun.

Go to the NDSU soccer game

The current weather is calling for a nice day on Sunday, which may be exactly what the Bison women’s soccer team needs.

After a brutal seven game road trip that resulted in just one goal scored, the Bison come home to Dacotah Field for the first time in a month.

NDSU look to get their first win of the season as the Summit League games loom. A win against Utah Valley could get the team back on track, and they will need some help from the fans.

Watch sports on TV

Call this the couch-potato option. There really is not much to this one. Just sit on the couch and watch football, baseball or the WNBA playoffs. For the early bird, there is always some European soccer to watch, as well as a Formula 1 Grand Prix this weekend.

Do homework

Now, this is the responsible option to do. There is no denying that homework is a real thing at this time of the year. Studying is also an option. But, it is foolish to think that all of the studying will be done this week. So, let’s just ignore this part.

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