‘Rain of Reflections: Chapter 1’ put the future in your hands

Save a child from lab experiments in Lionbite Games latest release

Futuristic Dystopias are not a thing of the past. They are still packed full of adventure and mystery. “Rain of Reflections: Chapter 1” by Lionbite Games is set to release September 20 for Personal Computers (PC).

“Rain of Reflections: Chapter 1”, contains an interesting take on adventure games. It is a turn-based strategy game, but with an in-depth story, “uniquely centered around a motivation mechanic.” All the choices the player makes will have consequences, both good or bad.

As this is the first chapter in a potentially longer story-driven experience, the introductory chapter, “Set Free”, starts from the very beginning.

Wilona is a scientist who is researching ways to solve the world’s sudden infertility. She has started to question the morality of the experiments on the last-born child and decides to free him from captivity. She must be smart and quick in her actions due to powerful forces trying to stop her.

There are a multitude of features which should make ‘Rain of Reflections: Chapter 1’ an interesting if not unique entry in the adventure genre of videogames.

Choose the dialogue

Every line spoken by Wilona is chosen by the player. The words she says will be used to convince, defuse or outsmart the assortment of complex characters she interacts with. All these interactions are fully voiced, acted and contain consequences further into the story.

Rich environments

From the highest top of the Stem to the lowest flooded slum in the Trench, the multitude of environments Wilona will have to traverse in “Rain of Reflections: Chapter 1” are steeped in art and atmosphere.

Turn-based strategy

Choosing which action to take can quite literally mean life or death in the situations Wilona will inevitably find herself in. Choose between sneaking around, using the power of voice or opening fire with precise shots which can alter the environment and hurt the enemy’s motivation.


Getting past or using electronic security measures will be needed so Wilona can reach the child. Hack into computer systems, crack locks and hone in on radio frequencies to get to him.

“Rain of Reflections: Chapter 1” is set to release Sept. 20 and will bring something new to the adventure genre. How the story will end, no one knows. What is known, however, is that you have the power to make it your own.

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