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Asians/Mexicans/Blacks Suck Shit?

I get it. I get it. I get it.

We live in ‘Murica, and you can yell almost anything you want. Freedom!

Your parents yelled it, so now we have a tradition. Ask our president. North Dakota State loves traditions.

Everyone in the student section is doing it, and you’re not known for straying from the crowd.

Oh, and you’re drunk and have more shooters hiding in your belts and bras.

Cool. You do you, fellow Bison fan.

Just one thing, though, before you yell the “Sioux suck shit!” chant at Saturday’s game: Ask yourself if you would publicly yell any other minority group in the place of “Sioux.”

You would, perhaps? Let me help you, my stubborn friend, to a myriad of ethnicities and races to plug into our totally not racist template.

All together, BisoNation: That’s another Bison — first down! Oooohhh…

“Asians suck shit!”

“Mexicans suck shit!”

“Blacks suck shit! So much shit!”

Did your soul tell you we just crossed a line?

I get it. I get it. I get it.

“Sioux,” in this sense, is strictly meant to refer to the defunct nickname of the University of North Dakota, not the indigenous people who, you know, are the nickname’s namesake.

We’re in college, and colleges need rivalries. UND is our rival, even if our athletic directors only let us compete twice over four years in football. And NDSU pays UND hundreds of thousands of dollars to make it happen.

And it’s alliteratively amusing! When else can you throw down a line that senseless and derogatory? You’re basically like every rapper now!

Alas, my colleagues, you know the chant is wrong. But why listen to me, an apparent Sioux-sympathizer?

My credentials:

  • Bison Guide who knows more about NDAC/SU than a sane person should.
  • Attendance to 100 percent of all home Bison football games.
  • The kicker: I’ve never left a football game early. Carson Wentz can’t even say that. I think.
  • Also, much like you, I’m indebted to NDSU. Tens of thousands of dollars in debt.

So maybe take this to heart. To say anybody sucks anything, especially a minority group that had a university use its namesake for itself, is wrong.

If you need more reason to stay quiet, think of the work Dr. Donald Warne and others are doing right here at NDSU. Warne, a member of the Oglala Lakota tribe, heads the American Indian Public Health Resource Center on campus.

The center is the only public health institution in the nation to focus solely on American Indians and tribal preventative health care.

Warne and his colleagues are doing banner work at NDSU.

And at Saturday’s game, students will still yell “Sioux suck shit” and think it’s fine.

I don’t get that.

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