Irrefutable Proof that a Monster is Among Us

It is said that a creature no one has ever seen, but everyone knows about, is stalking the campus grounds. It only appears when your eyes are closed while in the shower. Particularly, it only goes after those who have shampoo in their hair and must wash it out.

You know the feeling you get when you are in the shower with your eyes closed and you can’t see, and you can only hear water coming out of the shower head? That is when it appears.

What I am about to tell and show you will haunt your dreams forever. I wanted so badly to see this creature but never could, so I devised a plan to at least get proof of its existence.

What I did was as follows. First, I did some research and discovered that there had been reports similar to mine — reports of a devious clown monster by the name of Gary the Shower Clown. For some reason, the simple name of Gary really bothered me. That is when I decided to finally snap a picture of Gary.

I duct taped my phone on to the back of my head with the video camera running so it could record behind me. I went up to the bathroom and turned on the water to get a shower going.

I made sure that I just let the water run for a bit while I was in the shower. Just letting water go over my face and then switching sides so it ran down my back. Being very careful that the back of my head, where my phone was, stayed dry.

After about four minutes of this, I decided it was time to spring the trap. I put a small amount of shampoo in my hand and scrubbed it into my hair. Making sure it got everywhere, I then dunked my head under the shower head.

Almost at once I could feel a presence and an uneasiness settle on me. I tried my best to relax and continue getting the remaining shampoo out of my hair.

When I turned around there was nothing. I wiped my face on my towel and ripped off the phone still attached to the back of my head. After drying myself off and getting into some clothes, I decided to see what my phone had captured.

Going through the entire video, there wasn’t much to see. However, that is until I turned to get the shampoo out of my eyes and hair.

The image of what my phone captured was otherworldly. Gary was terrifying. So terrifying that I decided to leave the photo out of this article. If you so do dare, I suggest you run my experiment.

What I saw shook me to my very core. The blank soulless eyes and the horrific smile always unnerve me when I look at that picture.

So from now on, when you are taking a shower, know that you are not alone.

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