Preview: ‘Yet Another Zombie Defense HD’

Enjoy re-killing the undead in the upcoming festive months.

As everyone is aware, the winter season is settling in. While good tidings and cheer are just around the corner, does that mean we cannot enjoy re-killing a whole bunch of zombies with chainsaws and laser guns? Of course not.

I present to you “Yet Another Zombie Defense Game HD” (YAZD), developed by Awesome Games Studio.

In the un-modded game, there are four playable characters: guy, girl, SWAT or the doctor. Whichever character you choose does not affect gameplay, but you can pretend it does.

“YAZD” is a basic and cheap game on Steam, but it has some solid gameplay, which makes it quite fun. You start each game on the same map with only a pistol, your reflexes and wits — then the zombies attack.

Before each zombie wave, you have whatever time you need to use the cash you obtained from the previous round to assemble your defenses. There are wooden, armored, electric and propane tank barricades as well as landmines. While the first two barricades only act as shields, the second two can damage the zombies.

The electric barricade deals damage to zombies as they attack it. The propane tank barricade is a little trickier to use, but it deals a lot of damage. The player can shoot the propane tank barricade whenever they choose, and it will blow up, killing or dealing massive amounts of damage to the zombie horde in the process. The only downside to using this barricade is if zombies destroy it, you can no longer blow it up.

Along with these barricades is the ability to build auto turrets to help keep zombies at bay. One thing I found out the hard way is to make an auto turret shoot zombies, you must give the turret one of your weapons to use. This means you must give it a weapon you bought initially for yourself.

There are a good variety of weapons in “YAZD,” which gives you a goal to reach other than not being eaten by the zombie horde. For weapons, there are grenades, pistol, submachine gun, shotgun, assault rifle, flamethrower, sniper rifle, rocket launcher, freeze gun, Tesla coil, blaster and laser gun, all of which have their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, the submachine gun is fast firing but weak, and the rocket launcher is slow but powerful.

The game looks pretty good graphically, and the map is satisfying to look at after a few rounds because the bodies do not disappear. This way you can look at all the good work you have been up to. Everything from the map design to the weapons could be graphically updated a little more, but they are fine as they are.

Sound wise there is an excellent musical score that has a haunting and epic tone to it. The music makes you feel like it really is your last stand and that you must go down fighting like a survivor.

In general, “Yet Another Zombie Defense Game HD” is a quick, fun, arcade-like shooter, which only costs a buck to play over on the Steam store.

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