President Dean Bresciani? What About Dean Dean Bresciani

Most people on campus know our university’s president, Dean Bresciani. Very few, though, know about his brother — a dean — Dean Bresciani. The Rectrum had to learn a little bit about these two larger than life brothers.

“We are so happy to finally set the record straight; there are two of us and we wouldn’t want to tell any other news source our story.” President Bresciani told us at The Rectrum that he feels this interview is past due.

President Bresciani, a self-professed wine snob from Napa Valley, California, grew up in leisure and bliss.

“I’m a California guy; I love me a good Cabernet with a pleasant sunset.” President Bresciani has consistently been named the best dressed on campus and has set the standard for open-toe footwear during winter.

However, Dean Dean Bresciani, a dean in the college of deans, grew up in Louisiana selling alligator skins and catching catfish bare fisted. He can be found any given Nascar race day at Herd and Horns getting a Bud with the boys.

“I had a pet rattlesnake, and I love me a good rack of ribs. I loved my childhood and I bring that to campus every day.” As we spoke, Dean Bresciani showed off his armadillo skin cowboy boots, with spurs the size of small plates. They dwarfed the Sperry’s that President Bresciani wore.

The Bresciani brothers have caused a lot of confusion in their time here at North Dakota State.

“I couldn’t understand his aesthetic; one day he was wearing a white striped shirt with half thigh shorts,” Jennifer Knold, a junior majoring in accounting, told us about the last time she saw the two Bresciani brothers.

“Literally an hour later I saw him again, this time wearing a denim jacket with a Toby Keith shirt on and an American flag bandana over his hair.” Knold’s experience has been shared by many. President Bresciani told us that even Provost Beth Ingram confuses the two on occasion.

“Ah yes, we get that a lot. We are obviously completely different people. Our closets at home and the way we carry ourselves, two different worlds. Hell, maybe not even the same solar system.” President and Dean Bresciani told us way more about their lives, which can be viewed with a monthly subscription to The Rectum and if you turn ‘adblock’ off.

In the full interview called, “Between the Bresciani’s,” we learn even more about these two brothers in a 67-minute-long interview. They also talk their new proposed History Channel show that they promise is going to be somewhere between “Ice Road Truckers” and “Ancient Aliens.”

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