Playlist For That ‘Sprinter’ Mood


The weather recently is getting to the point where you don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Blame it on Mercury’s retrograde, your star sign or climate change, but it is high time we saw some warmer weather. To help cope with the unpredictable weather, here is a playlist for all the moods associated with the recent “wildcard weather.” For these songs and more, find the NDSU: Sprinter mood playlist on Spotify.

For when the windchill kicks in

The windchill in North Dakota is legendary, and this winter it has definitely kept up appearances. Here are a few songs to help drown out the howling wind as you trudge through campus.

‘Common Cold’ – Tiny Moving Parts

Anyone who has experienced a winter in the Midwest is familiar with the unsavory feeling of turning a corner into a blast of frigid air that knocks the wind out of you. Gasping for air when your lungs don’t seem to want to work is not a pleasant experience. “Common Cold” talks about this feeling, but within the frame of social anxiety. Tiny Moving Parts continue to relate to their listeners with poignant imagery, “My lungs need to act like windows and open up. I can’t breathe.”

‘It’s Too Cold Tonight’ – Tiny Moving Parts

I know, I know, this is the second song by Tiny Moving Parts in this section. It’s not my fault they make so many fitting songs for the “season limbo” we are all trapped in. Immediately from the opening lines “It’s too cold tonight. I can’t breathe,” it commiserates with unfortunate snow-trapped souls. A song about trying to find self-worth and purpose, this song navigates the range of emotions experienced with cabin fever just as much as it empathizes with end of semester stress.

‘Manic in Me’ – Black Foxxes

Off their recently released sophomore album “reidi,” “Manic in Me” is a song about an unhealthy relationship’s emotional toll. That being said, it can easily be translated to the midwestern listener’s struggle with Mother Nature’s recent moody attitude. As vocalist/guitarist Mark Holley sings in the chorus, “You are the weather. I am the manic in me … I’ve got to get out of here.”

For when you were naive enough to think we’d be going into April with no snow

If we are all being honest, the chances of an April without snow in the upper Midwest is pretty slim. It doesn’t stop us from feeling cheated by Mother Nature, though. For those who hold out hope that the snow will soon be over, these songs are for you.

‘All My Friends’ – Palaye Royale

Glam/alternative rock group Palaye Royale have had a busy year. Between lead singer Remington Leith lending his voice to the movie “American Satan” to the band releasing their limited edition eye shadow palette, the band has not been sitting idle. From their first album, “All My Friends” starts off slow and melancholic, but soon evolves into a fiery impassioned jam.

‘Something To Believe In’ – The New Respects

The New Respects are just the upbeat, funky, soul-driven, rock you need to break through the gloom of perpetual winter. The quartet creates catchy, danceable music that is destined to lift your mood — just watch out for ice while dancing through campus.

‘Crawling After You’ – Bass Drum of Death

If spring was a person it would be the popular cheerleader, and we would all be the members of an ’80s AV club. It’s all right though because we get to save the world from other-dimensional creatures, right? No matter how badass saving the world is, you still can’t help wanting the unattainable. In this case the unattainable is spring, apparently. “Crawling After You” is the lo-fi theme song for our desperate desire for warmer weather.

For when you resign yourself to your fate

Everyone has their breaking point, and all but the most “well-weathered” midwesterners have met theirs this winter. For those who have given up all hope of ever seeing green grass again, these songs are for you.

‘Only Dying (Demo Edit)’ – Stone Temple Pilots

This song is the musical personification of the cartoon dog in a burning room meme. A previously unreleased demo from the band’s smash album “Core,” this track is more bluesy then STP is usually known for. The ache of Scott Weiland’s vocals in “Only Dying” are strangely comforting. Just accept that winter is still upon us; it will be OK, Weiland knows a thing or two about coming to terms with painful realizations.

‘Midwestern States’ – The Menzingers

Pennsylvanian punk rockers The Menzingers share feelings of adventure and seeking new horizons in your mid 20s with “Midwestern States” off their latest album “After the Party.” Chances are we have all experienced a blizzard where we swore to ourselves we would one day move somewhere warmer, and “Midwestern States” agrees with you. “You said LA’s only two days if we drive straight, Denver if we get tired. Said you didn’t mind stopping just as long as we got out of the midwest states.” You must admit, California sounds pretty nice right about now.

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