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Some argue that summer is the best season. They make worthy points; the weather is nice and we get three good months away from school. But, as far as seasons go, summer has nothing on the fall.

Yes, fall is my favorite season. Maybe that makes me “basic,” but who cares? Fall is the best!

I love the autumn for reasons other than pumpkin spiced lattes and Ugg boots. I love the cooler weather, the colored leaves and, most of all, the football games. I may not be the greatest sports fan, but I cannot resist a good college game.

Needless to say, I’m pretty pumped that it’s football season again. That’s why I scoured Pinterest for some handy (and delicious) tailgating recipes to try out at the first home game. Here’s how you make some mouth-watering bacon cheese fries on the grill:

One bag of fries

Shredded cheese or cheese slices

Bacon or bacon bits

 Seasoning salts (Garlic Salt and Onion Salt)

Tin foil

  1. Turn the grill on roughly medium heat. My mom seemed concerned by my lack of grill knowledge, but nothing started on fire, so I’ll take that as a win.
  2. Using the tin foil, make a bowl-shape big enough to fit the amount of fries you want.
  3. Put the tin foil bowl of fries on the grill until the fries are cooked all the way through — roughly 25-30 minutes. Continue cooking until they are at your desired crispiness. Keep the grill closed.
  4. While they are cooking, add the seasoning. I used garlic salt and onion salt to add a little extra flavor. For appearances I added a little oregano.
  5. When the fries are almost finished cooking, sprinkle on the cheese and bacon and close the grill lid again for a couple more minutes until the cheese melts.
  6. After the cheese has melted, remove the fry package from the grill with care, grab a fork and enjoy!

Let me tell you, I definitely enjoyed these. I will surely be keeping this recipe in mind as tailgating season approaches. Besides being delicious, these fries are easy to make. You won’t have any problem making enough on the grill to share with all your buddies, if you want to, that is.                 

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