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We all see it coming: the coldness in the air is becoming brisk, and winter is right around the corner. Now, do not get me wrong. It is still fall and will continue to be fall until we see that first snowflake fall, but after that, it’s all downhill from there.

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Fall will quickly turn to winter.

Let’s be honest — we love the winter. We live in the Midwest; we should love the winter. Every year it is a race to get everything done before that first snowfall, and because the Midwest is unpredictable, we never know when that might be. Start your bucket list now with Pinterest and prepare for that snowfall, so when it happens you don’t have to rush in the cold. There are fun things you must finish before winter comes.

1. Prepare your car now

You don’t want to be rushing in the cold to get your car ready for the snow. Wait for the next nice day and use it to get your car ready. Here are just a couple of things to remind you about when getting your car snow-ready. Check your tires: it would be the worst to need new tires midway through the winter or need more air so that they’re properly inflated. Antifreeze your car: make sure your wiper blades are good enough to withstand the ice, and obviously change your oil. Start now so you do not have to spend all this money all at once right before the first snowfall.

2. Ride your bike/take a walk

The chilly weather already has us in the napping mood, but take advantage of this weather before it is too late. Of course, we can still do this in the winter, but at that point it is a real struggle to get out of bed and force yourself to do these things in negative 20-degree weather.

3. Take a long drive

You may be wondering why this is on a bucket list of things to do before winter. Well, once the roads get icy it is hard to have those nice little road trips to nowhere. And we all know long drives are always a good time, especially when you have someone else to have in-depth conversations with.

4. Clean out your closet

Before it’s too late, take out your winter jackets and clothes and check to make sure everything still fits. Find those clothes that you no longer like and give them away; if they were rarely worn, you could even sell them for some extra cash.

5. Start your movie playlist

Prepare yourself for those cozy days in by saving all of those new Netflix movies. Add them to your list and wait it out because you will be thanking yourself when it is too cold to do anything outside and you are not motivated to look through Netflix for new movies to watch. Instead it will already be filled with movies for you to enjoy.

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