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Keep your goals small so you can achieve many this year.

Every year on Jan. 1, everyone focuses on their New Year’s resolutions. They forget the way they were in the past and embrace this newfound self once the clock strikes midnight. However, many do not fulfill their New Year’s resolution.

People do not fulfill their resolutions because they start big rather than focusing on the smaller things that could benefit their everyday life. By creating a smaller resolution, you can build upon it throughout the year and end 2019 with not only the completion of a resolution, but multiple resolutions.

Rather than focusing on eating healthier, working out more, getting good grades, etc., create a more specific goal and be honest with yourself on the likelihood of completing it. Maybe even have a resolution for each month and keep track of your progress so when the end of the year comes you can look back on all you have achieved throughout the year.

Pinterest has many resources for finding that perfect resolution, but narrowing your search to small resolutions can be more beneficial and less intimidating. These are some ideas that could make 2019 your best year yet.

Me time

This is the most important resolution for college students because with the stress of classes, jobs and the future overall, students tend to forget that they need time to themselves to be mentally healthy.

Setting aside time for yourself to do what you love, whether it’s watching Netflix or reading a book, is important. This doesn’t mean simply scheduling time in your head. Create a time every day that will be strictly for yourself; no answering emails, looking at Blackboard, doing homework, thinking about work, thinking about classes, just simply relaxing for yourself. You may not have anything to show at the end of 2019, but you will feel mentally healthier than you did in the beginning.

Stretch every day

Stretching every day will wake up your body and get you moving. It can also relax you in the evening after a long day because stretching can help relieve tense muscle pain.

Stretching keeps your muscles strong and healthy. If it is difficult for you to work out every day, but your goal is to become healthier, start by stretching daily so when you do start to exercise your muscles are ready. There are many health benefits to stretching daily that you may thank yourself after the year is over or even years in the future for.

Drink more water

This seems obvious, but it can be difficult to keep up with. Drinking more water helps improve your health more than most people realize. If this becomes difficult to do, try using an app that reminds you to drink water and calculates how much you should have drank.

This will also help keep you feeling more awake, which will lead to less reliance on coffee, soda and energy drinks. Doing this would help you achieve that overall “get healthier” resolution.

Call a loved one every week

It does not matter if it is someone different every week, but keeping in touch with people you love can benefit your mental health and stress levels. Rather than texting them, a call is more meaningful because it shows the person that you care. Keeping in touch will not only benefit your year but theirs as well.

Stick to an everyday wake up time

This is difficult for college students because one day you could have an 8 a.m. class and the next your first class could be at 2 p.m.

I understand you want to sleep in on the days you can, but getting up at the same time every day can start a sleep schedule and keep you more productive and well-rested than ever before. At least keep your wake up time an hour apart from each other every day. This will give you an extra hour to sleep some days, but still allow your body to get used to waking up around a certain time, helping you avoid over sleeping and missing your classes.

Talk to someone new every week

Everyone has their bubble of people that they talk to and most try to stay within that group, but there are benefits to talking to someone new every week.

The person you talk to could end up being someone you are able to network with and find that internship/job you have been hoping for. The person you talk to could end up being someone who becomes your best friend later on. You could end up learning something new from that person: a new culture, language, opinion, story, etc. The possibilities are endless to talking to someone new every week.

Even if you do not talk to them for long, or just simply compliment their outfit, you just benefited their day and you never truly know what someone is going through.

Pack snacks

Not only does this benefit your health, but it will also benefit your bank account.

Everyone forgets to pack a lunch every now and then, or all the time, but by always having snacks ready in your bag you no longer have to spend your money at the Herd Shop or in the Union basement buying food. Instead, you will have a snack that can tide you over until you are able to get home and get food.

If you’re looking to be healthier, these snacks can be protein bars, fruit, vegetables, etc. Packing and eating these snacks would already be healthier options than skipping a meal or buying a piece of pizza.

You’ll have an extra couple of dollars and a healthier diet to show for it.

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