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There is one thing that makes everyone miserable: three little words that make you cringe at their sound —grade point average.

At one point or another, whether you are at a 4.0 GPA or a 2.0, there have been some struggles. Once you get that high grade you think it’s going to magically be back to where you want it, but that low grade counteracted it somehow.

Maybe last semester hit hard or maybe it improved, either way tips on how to boost it could help anyone. Pinterest has multiple lists on how to make your GPA rise to the skies. No, this is not going to be a list about time management and getting off your phone; these are the tips that are rarely discussed.

1. Lie to yourself

Instead of procrastinating to the last minute with an assignment, lie to yourself. Let’s say the assignment is due March 22; tell yourself it is due March 19 instead. This means you can still procrastinate, but since you believe it is due March 19 and get it done then, you are now ahead of everyone else. You won’t ever miss an assignment again.

You also give yourself more time to ask the professor questions and then they will see you taking initiative to get things done, so you’ll be on their good side.

2. Plan out your skip days

First of all, don’t skip class. Every day you attend increases your grade even more. But we all get sick, so if you are terribly sick and take one of those “free absence” days then make sure to write it down.

Many professors give a specific amount of days you can miss until they deduct points. So, if they only allow two free days and you use one, remember that you used one.

3. Understand you

We all envy that person who gets a 4.0 by somehow memorizing every word from the textbook, but we’re not all that person. Do not compare yourself to that person.

Understand who you are as a student. So, if you are easily distracted, work around that and accept it. Maybe you need a quieter or louder study area. Don’t let what others need affect what you think you need.

4. Make the textbook come to life

Do this instead of memorizing and becoming stressed when you cannot remember that one concept. Go out into the world and see how that concept in the textbook is incorporated into your world.

5. Save the worst for last

Studying the hardest class before bed will keep the concepts fresh in your brain, allowing it to “soak in” overnight.

This does not mean wait until you are completely sleep deprived. Just study a little bit before bed and then sleep. Your dreams may now be of textbooks and concepts, but at least you will remember them more clearly.

6. Gradual painful accomplishment

The true meaning of GPA. You must remember that this does not happen overnight. Being realistic is the best thing you can do. Thinking you are going to go from a 2.0 to a 4.0 in one semester is not the case.

Reasonable means if you are sitting at a 2.0, shoot for a 2.1 or 2.2. Every point counts even if it is only 0.01. That is one step closer to a higher GPA.

The experience will be gradual and painful, but in the end, it will be an accomplishment. Even if you only bring it up 0.2 points; that is huge.

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