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A few simple supplies can be turned into a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift.

We are reaching the point in the school year when every project or paper is due, and there are tests practically every other day. Naturally, my first instinct when things pick up is to immediately find something I can use to procrastinate.

This week, I felt like doing some arts and crafts.

Specifically, I thought it might be a good idea to get a head start on a gift for my mom for Mothers’ Day. Don’t panic; you still have a few weeks to get something. Hopefully this Pinterest project will spark your gift ideas.

Here’s what you’ll need to make an adorable memo frame perfect for the kitchen counter or your mom’s office desk:

Picture frame (The one I bought is 8×8”)

One sheet of scrapbook paper

Letter stickers

Dry erase markers

  1. Remove the back from the picture frame and cut your scrapbook paper to size so that it will fit in the frame. Hobby Lobby sells scrapbook paper in individual sheets, so you don’t need to waste money on buying an entire pack.
  2. Add your letter stickers to the top center of the page. I wrote “notes” on mine, but some others I’ve seen on Pinterest say “memos” or “to-dos.”
  3. Place the paper back inside the frame and reattach the back. You should be able to write directly on the glass with the dry erase marker and have it wipe off with a tissue.

Not only was this super cute gift ridiculously easy to make, it was also really cheap too — though that’s probably not something you want to mention to your mom when you give her the gift.

For all of the materials, I only paid $8.66 at Hobby Lobby. The only thing better than a great DIY project is a great price to go with it.

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