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While everyone was out this past Saturday night, I was at home with my 12-year-old sister and my two dogs. Maybe that sounds lame, but I will never complain about a relaxing night at home surrounded by loved ones — and junk food. Girls’ nights are always a good reason for binge eating, guilt-free.

Instead of ordering pizza as usual, my sister and I decided to put some work into our supper. Don’t worry, we still had pizza in a way —we just found a modified recipe. Though Pinterest had dozens of reworked pizza recipes, we picked one that looked like the perfect mix between fine dining and classic cheesy goodness.

Here’s the recipe for braided pizza bread:


1 can of pizza dough

Pizza Sauce

Mozzarella cheese

Pepperoni slices (or whatever other pizza toppings you choose)

  1. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.
  2. Lay out the pizza dough on a lightly-greased baking sheet and roll it out so that it fills the pan. You don’t want it to be too thick.
  3. Spread an even layer of pizza sauce in the middle of the dough.
  4. Layer the sauce with cheese, toppings and cheese again for optimal gooiness. We also sprinkled some garlic salt on top for added flavor.
  5. Cut the dough into eight even strips on both of the long sides.
  6. Starting at one end of the dough, fold each strip over, going back and forth from left side to right side. Continue all the way to the end for the “braided” look.
  7. Add a layer of olive oil and garlic salt to the dough and top with a thin layer of cheese and a couple pepperonis.
  8. Bake for 20 minutes or until the crust and cheese is golden brown.
  9. Serve hot and fresh out of the oven with a side of marinara sauce and enjoy!

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