Pinterest Interest | 6 Tips for The Summer Before Freshman Year

We have all been there — the summer before freshman year waiting for the new chapter of our lives to begin. You are new and once again called “Freshman”. The summer before going to college is exciting, but also nerve-racking because of the change that you are about to endure.

Here are six tips for the summer before freshman year that I wish someone had told me about so you do not panic.

1. Buying Textbooks

Buying textbooks will always be stressful. You want to find the cheapest way possible. There are many ways to get a textbook: renting, buying, e-book, loose-leaf or bound. Do your research on what is the best option. Do not forget that renting textbooks is not always bad; if it is an elective that is not in your field of interest, rent the book.

2. Save Money

If it was not before, this is a huge part of your life now: saving money. The summer before college is important. It gives you that extra cash for when you make new friends who want to go hang out or order pizza.

3. Contact Your Roommate

Contacting your new roommate is very helpful. You get to introduce yourself, plan together and break the ice over technology rather than in person. Keep it realistic; you may not become “besties” with your Freshman year roommate, but they will be a huge part of your life for the next year.

4. Make a Packing List

Making a packing list early will come in handy later. Look up what you need and try on old clothes to make sure they still fit. Also, think of the things you would miss. Do not pack that shirt you have not worn in two years, pack the item that makes a place feel like home.

5. Visit Your Favorite Local Restaurants

Sure, there are some similar restaurants near Fargo, but there are some in your hometown that cannot be replaced. There have been multiple times that I have craved something from a restaurant back home. So go to these irreplaceable places and savor every bite.

6. Relax

This is the most important tip for this summer. Spend time with your friends and family and relax. Make some memories before starting this chapter. Entering college is nerve racking and exciting, but take this time to take a deep breath and enjoy your summer.

Follow these tips and they will make the transition a little easier. This summer will fly by and before you know it you will be on your way to NDSU.

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