PINK Hosts Campus Bra Launch Party


PINK, the collegiate apparel and accessories offshoot of Victoria’s Secret, hosted a Campus Light-Lift Bra Launch Party Tuesday.

The event was to celebrate the release of the new campus light-lift bra and was held at the PINK store in the West Acres Mall.

Area college students were invited to take part in exclusive perks including raffles, bra-shaped cookies, personalized bra fittings and a scratch-off revealing discounts on merchandise.

The event was put on by North Dakota State students and PINK representatives Taylor Paluck and Kayla Ryden.

Paluck is also a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority who promoted the event through a sorority competition and social media.

The purpose of the event was to expand interest in the PINK store, which is trying to expand and establish itself as a separate store from Victoria’s Secret.

“The more people we can get to come, the more the store can expand and more merchandise can be offered,” Ryden said.

The first 30 minutes of the event totaled 80 attendees, which was expected to rise to 200 over the two hour event.

Dareien Lund, an NDSU student, said she came for the amenities.

“I heard about the event through Facebook and my sister, but I mainly came for the free stuff”.

Kaitlin Good, another member of Kappa Alpha Theta, says she came to support her sister:

“It’s good to be here and support our sister, and also the free stuff is a plus.”

Another bonus of the expansion of the PINK line is the opportunities for more events like this one, offering more free gifts to college students.

“We look forward to future events throughout the year” says Paluck.

Future events include a “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” that will be held on the NDSU campus in December.

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