pink gloves boxing

Pink Gloves Packs a Punch

pink gloves boxing
Female students get a full-body workout at least twice a week with Pink Gloves Boxing.

This semester, the Wellness Center is offering a whole new way to kick some ass, via Pink Gloves Boxing.

The class runs from late September through finals, costing $80 for any interested female students.

While it seems like a steep price for a college student, at two classes per week, it comes out to about $3 per class — plus, everyone gets a pair of hand wraps, a gym bag and a pair of black boxing gloves included in the registration fee.

PGB supplies a great workout while also focusing on social and emotional growth, outlined in the PGB guidebook. It finds a balance between mind and body, breaking down barriers and setting personal records.

“It’s more than just a workout; it’s learning a challenging new skill and going out of your comfort zone,” said instructor Travis Johnson.

pink gloves boxing

The program builds on itself, taking boxers through the basics and working them toward more difficult moves, similar to any martial arts class. It is a full-body cardio and strength workout. The hour-long class involves a warmup, then five alternating stations focusing on different aspects of the sport with moves that build upper body, core and leg strength while teaching ladies to throw a wicked hook, ending with a cooldown.

An all-female class allows for a less intimidating environment.

“There is large stigma about men in the weight room … so by limiting this class only to women it eliminates that stigma and allows women to gain confidence within their own abilities without being compared to other people,” said Abigail Ford, a PGB instructor.

This semester, the five different class times filled almost immediately. Participants range from freshman to professors, all with the same goals in mind —getting fit and kicking butt. The program also emphasizes bonding between all participants. This way they help each other push past their limits and celebrate successes together.

Plus, it is a great stress relief.

“Boxing, like many other sports, helps to release or deal with many overwhelming emotions. I hope it can become my new stress reliever,” said Austyn Bitzer, a PGB participant.

Because what better way exists to get rid of stress than punching things for 60 minutes?

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