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Permitting Alcohol Sales at the Fargodome

Where there is a will there is a way; getting intoxicated for a Bison football game is no different.

Only at the present moment, spectators who chose to do so must do so before entering the Fargodome as it does not currently sell alcohol. This can lead to some unsafe behavior.

It would be in everyone’s best interest for the Fargodome to sell alcohol to sports fans. Doing so would offer a handful of benefits outweighing any cons.

The first and most important reason would be for student and spectator safety. With the Fargodome being the distributor of alcohol, much of the game day drinking that takes place would be contained.

Rather than having people stumble around outside and walk to the game partially intoxicated, people would be more inclined to drink within the confines of the stadium.

The number of alcohol related incidents would drop and help ensure the overall safety of attenders. Students would not so greatly feel the need to get tipsy before entering the game because they would have it available to them when they get there.

Secondly, the increase in money would be substantial. If Bison football is known for anything, it is the loyalty of the fans. The Fargodome nearly, if not completely, sells out every home game.

With around 19,000 fans in house and over half of them over 21, alcohol sales will flourish. This increase in revenue can be used in several manners.

As student body presidential candidate Robert Kringler suggested: Allocate some of the funds into student scholarships. Sales from these purchases would directly benefit North Dakota State students.

In a sense, people buying alcohol at the game would be pouring money into the pockets of students and the NDSU campus. Having extra funding is always positive.

Whether you drink or not, it is undoubtable alcohol has become intimately intertwined in American sports. Alcohol companies are some of the largest sponsors of major league sports, football especially.

Having the option to drink a cold brew with your buds and watch the Bison is something that should not be looked down upon.

If this idea can gain the backing of students and administration, it could quite likely become a reality.

I would not condone this idea if it was allowing alcohol sales for the sake of alcohol sales. I can legitimately picture allowing the Fargodome to sell alcohol doing a lot for NDSU in terms of increased revenue and overall safety.

As long as the money made from alcohol sales directly benefits NDSU and the students and not just line the pockets of the Fargodome, I would support it.

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