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MATAYA ARMSTRONG | THE SPECTRUM Garret Thoma, on his second day of work, prepares silverware arrangements for customers.
Garret Thoma, on his second day of work, prepares silverware arrangements for customers.

Where can a person get some or­ganic, vegan, gluten-free grub around this town? The answer is just beyond Interstate 94. Peoples Organic is a newly opened restaurant in south Fargo with many vegan and gluten-free options.

Peoples Organic is a franchise with four locations in the Midwest, including Fargo. Sometimes franchises can be a little cut and copy, but Peoples Organic has plenty of op­tions, each with their own flair.

Prior to ordering, you’re given the option of sparkling or flat water to accompany your meal, which is something I’ve never experi­enced before. They also have a great wine, coffee and full bar with many beers on tap.

I ordered the Munich, which was a bi­son brat with sauerkraut, mustard and bread, with coleslaw on the side. It was satisfying, flavorful and only $11. Unfortunately, I be­came annoyed with this meal, because each item was placed on the plate separately leav­ing it up to me to put the pieces together. For some this may be too disorienting a task to handle.

At the end of my meal, I felt very de­feated and discouraged when I received the bill and spotted a $4 charge for the coleslaw I ordered on the side. On the menu, it listed “coleslaw or chips” below the entrée items, without pricing. This usually implies that they come with the meal. To my surprise, I was wrong. My hope is that they rearrange their menu to prevent other customers from feeling the deception I felt.

It is, for the most part, over $10-$15 for lunch, which is sometimes not affordable for the average college student. My meal and dessert ran slightly over $20. If I had cof­fee instead of water, it would have been even more.

My greatest disappointment of all was probably the location. My view from where I was sitting was Hardee’s, Taco John’s, ho­tels and a flat landscape. Peoples Organic just doesn’t seem to fit among these national chains and developing suburbia.

The coffee and wine bar may not be as appealing to suburban families as it is to the downtown and young folk of north and central Fargo and Moorhead where the col­lege kids are hanging out. With any luck, the organic food-seeking person of the F-M area will discover new realms they’ve never been.

Rating: 3 Stars

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