People Outraged Over Lack of Sentencing

WEB_Dynel_LaneDynel Lane posted a Craigslist ad for baby clothes when Michele Wilkins, seven months pregnant, responded to it. When Wilkins showed up to Lane’s residence, little would she know her unborn baby would be cut from her own body.

Colorado law states murder charges cannot be pressed if there is no proof the fetus lived as an actual child outside of the mother. Seemingly like a very tricky loophole, Lane allegedly cut the fetus out of Wilkin’s body and proceeded to take it to a hospital to claim a miscarriage.

It was announced Thursday morning that Lane would not be charged with murder given the circumstances and laws according to District Attorney Stan Garnett.

People are having a hard time adjusting to this kind of statement, including myself. It also boots up the argument over when life begins, fetus or born child, in which case, it’s a very difficult debate to have.

Personally identifying as pro-choice, I still cannot justly say this act of animosity should be legal. An individual allegedly went up to another unknowing individual and cut her unborn baby out of her, how does that not constitute as murder?

Some commentators are even suggesting Lane should be committed of murder for the fetus and attempted murder for the mother.

Debaters are already losing this comparison argument by putting this case and abortion next to each other based on one simple detail: choice.

Unfortunately for Wilkins, she was never given the chance to save her own child. Lane’s husband reported to the police he heard the child take a “gasping breath.” Does that mean recent exit from the womb no longer constitutes as life?

What has yet to be addressed by anyone is the motive. Why would Lane want to cut a fetus out of one woman, let alone seven months along? Perhaps mental illness plays a part in this for you to be deeply disturbed to think of doing something so twisted.

It’s tragic to think there may not be justice for Wilkins and her baby due to the careless handling of a questionable law passed years ago. District Attorney Stan Garnett is awaiting the autopsy in order to rule a proper sentencing for Lane.

Since the incident, Wilkins has been reported to have been released from the hospital and safe with her family.

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