Pass or Purchase: Goodr Sunglasses

A product review from a clumsy athlete

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This past weekend I skated nearly the entire Fargo Marathon. I did it to support my dad who has been running since the Covid-19 pandemic began, and specifically has been working towards his goal of completing a marathon for the last two months. 

Like the supportive daughter I am, I strapped on my skates and chased him to various checkpoints all over Fargo and Moorhead. I had to be quick, and I had to cover a lot of ground without interfering with racers, all while skating over the not-so-great terrain of North Fargo.

That’s why it’s absolutely imperative that you’re able to see. I can personally attest to the pain that follows not being able to see where you’re going: bruises, cuts and rolled ankles are what await you if good eyewear isn’t prioritized. So today, we’re going to talk about Goodr eyewear. 

The good

Without even talking about their product, the company itself has a lot of policies I can get behind. They are carbon neutral, do 30 days of free returns if you decide they’re not for you and have a one-year warranty. If you’re as clumsy as I am, a warranty is a must. 

Goodr products are advertised as “stylish, affordable, and all performance” and I frankly think they live up to the name. I bought the “influencers pay double” lenses for all my running, skating and biking needs. 

They were sold to me as no-slip, no-bounce, polarized glasses. They are my style and look good with all of my workout wear and even my daily wear. I have gotten compliments on the regular. Validation isn’t everything, but it is nice. Did I forget to mention they were only 25 bucks? 

At my recommendation, my dad also got Goodr sunglasses and wore them the entire marathon both on his head and on his face. When I asked him if his pair bounced or sat uncomfortably on his face he said, “I just ran a whole marathon and they didn’t move.” 

I wasn’t able to find his exact pair since he ordered them himself, but they are a completely different style which tells me that across a variety of glasses types, they are consistent in the quality of their product. 

My cousin also wears Goodrs and she is a cross country runner. She stated that she personally prefers the original Goodr glasses shape.  So across a variety of sports, distances ran and styles, their product has not faltered. More reliable than some of these boys I see all y’all ladies out here messing with.

Another thing to know is that shipping was super fast. I have also fallen while skating multiple times and not had them break. 

The bad

I have very little criticism about these glasses. If the polarized glare of lenses bother you? No problem, they sell non-polarized lenses. 

I do want you to know that the fit is going to change based on your nose and face shape. The glasses I bought for myself don’t fit my head perfectly. I have to slide them down my nose a little to have them not cover my eyebrows. My brows are freakin’ awesome so I don’t wanna cover those babies up. Either way I wear them, you literally will not catch these glasses slipping. 

Honestly, this critique is more likely a user error: they have a virtual reality try-on, and you can order wider or slimmer glasses. If you are like me, you are on a budget and you need good glasses, these are gonna be great for you. 

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