Parents (Don’t) Always Know Best

Politics, the ever-present topic of conversations today. Being liberal in a blatantly red state makes it difficult to speak freely without ridicule.

Aren’t backlash and disagreements what make the topic so interesting, though? Don’t we strive to have someone counter our argument so we can display our extensive knowledge of the subject at hand? I’ll be the first to admit that I, quite honestly, didn’t pay much attention to major politics until this election.

Cue my scene.

“I mean, parents always know best, right?”

As you can imagine my eyes rolled back in my head and I laughed out loud. Just one loud “HA!”

As I refocused my attention on the gentleman sitting across from me I realized this was not sarcasm. This was not a joke. This was a 21-year-old, well-educated, college student who voted for Trump because his parents told him to.

I, like many of you, grew up with republican parents who voted for none other than, you guessed it, Donald Trump.

Like I said, I am liberal, so conversations about politics at home can become quite uncomfortable. All too quickly, dinner can take a turn.

Politics are something that, now more than ever, requires a constant state of awareness, though. Especially when the decisions made in the big office directly affect our extensive futures, not our parents’.

However, in a conversation I had earlier today, a very simple statement was made, “Parents always know best.”

I think parents know best when it comes to an array of situations. Hell, I call my mom all the time to make sure I’m doing the right thing. To vote for someone whom, after further conversation, believes in and enforces the opposite of a majority of your beliefs? That’s wrong. This is not knowing best.

Parents are wonderful, God-given miracles that walk this Earth so selflessly. They don’t always know best, though, and we need to consider this.

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