Paranormal Team Investigates NDSU Library

North Dakota State is not new to hauntings. From the young woman who bangs doors on the third floor of Ceres Hall to the WWII era man who dwells in its basement.

“We first suspected the library was haunted when we heard complaints of cold spots,” the lead paranormal investigator, Tammy Tombstone from Ghost Resurrectors explained. “Specifically within study rooms 155 A, B and C and certain areas upstairs.”

Upon asking library staff, the investigation team was given the explanation that the library is an old building, but that did not deter them from looking into the situation further.

“There were some definite signs of paranormal activity that couldn’t be explained by an old building,” Tombstone said.

They explained that their team had experienced other strange phenomena while leading their investigation between the hours of 11 p.m. and 12 a.m. in late February. The group noted hearing strange footsteps, a child’s laughter and observing books fall off the shelves while they were upstairs in the building — alone.

Having observed signs of a haunting, the team decided to try to make contact with the supposed spirit trapped within the library walls.

“The first contact we got was a name,” they explained, to which they decided that the ghost’s name was Rosie. It was confirmed the spirit is a child that had been the root of the troubles that patrons had been experiencing at the library.

“We weren’t quite sure where Rosie came from, but she seemed to like to be surrounded by books,” Hunter Haunt, another paranormal investigator, shared.

That said, the team quickly found out that Rosie was a very curious child spirit, realizing that the ghost had tried to make contact with them through the water fountain on the main floor, with the display screen reading, “Oh no … Oh no … Oh,” in strange, garbled script.

The team went on to explain that Rosie did not seem to be an evil entity, but simply a new, ghostly resident within the library. She was simply making her presence known through various actions.

“Unfortunately,” Tombstone stated, “We were unable to get Rosie to stop causing the random cold spots within the building, but she seems harmless enough.”

The team believes it is safe to say that Rosie is a new resident to NDSU’s library for the time being, and students can be comforted knowing that the cold study rooms are just her way of saying “Hello.”

Although if the problems of books falling causes any injury, the library has confirmed that they will be condemning the library and will be paying any hospital costs for those injured.

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