Spirits have been detected at Bonanzaville

Paranormal Investigations are happening at Bonanzaville

Photo Courtesy | Hayden Austin

Located in West Fargo, Bonanzaville USA, is a historical attraction. In an interview with the executive Director of Cass County Historical Society Beth Jansen, she explained all the paranormal happenings at this historical sight. Seeing as it is a historical place, it’s not that surprising that it houses so much paranormal activity.

It has been reported that these paranormal happenings have been going on for quite some time now. The most common one is about the happenings while the church was being built in 2015. The construction crew had left one night with all of their equipment on the main floor of the church and went home for the night. However, when they returned the next morning all of their equipment was in the basement, which had been locked the whole time they were working and none of them had access to it.

It was also reported by the construction crew that there were child-like bare footprints in the dust in the church. After these occurrences, the crew refused to work after 5 pm, when it started to get dark.

There are also six other locations that have reported sightings. It has been reported that telephones ring even though the village is closed and cameras zooming in and out on their own.  There has also been sightings of a man with a top hat, who shows himself through a reflection of the window on the train.

While on a tour with a group, Beth and the others asked the spirit “Did you work here?” and “Did you have a family?” to which he responded a clear yes to both questions. They also asked, “How many children?” and they swear they heard a solid “three”.

The Houston House seems to be a hot spot for spirits. People have reported hearing children playing in the house while the house is closed. There was also a sighting of a woman in a window of the Houston House, but when they asked a worker why they had someone upstairs, they responded, “we don’t”.

When they checked the room upstairs, there was nobody there. It’s also been said that the bed upstairs was neat and made, but when they came back the next day it looked like it on been slept in. Many of the workers refuse to enter the buildings after dark, afraid of the spirits that will start to come out.

There has also been reports of feeling a hand on the shoulder when there’s nobody there, a shadow of a lady in the phone building, seeing figures that aren’t there, and many more unsettling occurrences.

Become a paranormal investigator 

Bonanzaville offers the opportunity to investigate these paranormal happenings. On October 28th and 29th people have the opportunity to become a paranormal investigator and try and figure out what’s going on at Bonanzaville. For 90 minutes you have the opportunity to explore Bonanzaville at night, equipment is supplied to better help your investigation.

They provide you with spirit boxes, EMF (electro magnetic frequency), and temperature gages. EMF and temperature reader use energy, the temperature gage will drop down when there is an entity, the EMF’s frequency will drop as well.

The spirit boxes scan radio frequency and spirits pick up words and phrases and put them together to communicate. Groups ask mostly yes and no questions, it is easier to get a response. They also encourage you to bring your own EMF, spirit boxes, and temperature gages, but those are the only personal equipment they allow. They don’t use the church during the investigations, but that doesn’t mean people will not find something else at Bonanzaville. 

Other Events at Bonanzaville, USA

Bonanzaville holds multiple events throughout the year, including veteran events in May, a 4th of July celebration, murder mysteries throughout the summer, Christmas on the prairie, and many more. They also offer a trunk or treat October 30th, from 2-5pm. It will have 40-60 trunks, a cupcake walk, and carnival games, fun for the whole family. They also have a museum that is open for free to the public on the weekends during the winter months. 

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