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Pair of Support Groups Launch This Month

The North Dakota State Counseling Center has and will continue launching new support groups in January.

Starting on Thursday, the Counseling Center began The Fortitude Project, a free and confidential help group for NDSU LGBTQA students.

Providing “an opportunity to discuss, gain support and connection with other students,” The Fortitude Project supports students regardless of their identification, a release said.

Kathryn Bradshaw, a counselor leading the group, said it is important to strengthen NDSU’s relationship with the gay community.

“When you fortify something, you are making it stronger, by bringing individual parts together to build a larger entity,” Bradshaw said.

The Fortitude Project “is an opportunity to bring individuals together, to share their experiences and build a foundation through safety and support,” she said.

Bradshaw said she stresses the inclusive nature of the program.

“In fact, if you identify as an LGBTQA individual and are reading this and you yourself are looking for more support, feel free to come join us,” she said.

The support group meets 3:30-4:50 p.m. Thursdays in 212 Ceres Hall.

Launching Tuesday, the Counseling Center will also begin the Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse support group.

Teresa DeMers will lead the new program. She said there is a need for AODA.

“There are a number of our students who may be struggling with substance abuse or who have found their use of substances has been problematic,” DeMers wrote in an email. “Our campus has done a great job of providing information and other resources for students, and a support group for students who are wanting to make changes in their use of alcohol or other drugs is going to be another helpful resource.”

AODA is open to NDSU students who have “concerns related to substance abuse or dependence,” a release said. Registration is not required.

“I think having the ability to feel supported and understood by peers is really useful,” DeMers said.

AODA meets 2-3:30 p.m. Tuesday in 212 Ceres Hall.

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