Art Marathon Goes Around FM Again

THE ARTS PARTNERSHIP | PHOTO COURTESY QR codes found at each Art Marathon event help participants track their journey.
QR codes found at each Art Marathon event help participants track their journey.

A different kind of marathon is overtaking Fargo-Moorhead this spring.

The third annual Art Marathon runs until May 2, taking participants on a 26-stop seek-and-find for arts of all kinds. From visual to culinary, comedic to musical, this year’s Art Marathon covers the canvas of area arts, with stops ranging from Concordia College to 20 Below Coffee Co. to Sunny, the newly restored Bison statue on south Broadway.

Participation is easy. Just download the Art Marathon app from the Android store and start hunting.

“There’s a QR code at each of the events,” Art Marathon maestro Justin Atwell said. ” … Snap a picture of the QR code into the app, and it shows the mile and event. People try to get toward finishing all 26 of those.”

In its two years, nine people have completed the Art Marathon. One hundred people downloaded the app last year. Three finished.

Open to anyone and everyone, the Art Marathon is all about exposure to art and collaborating within the community.

“The goal is just to try help people have fun,” Atwell said. “There was a little friendly smack-talking on social media last year … But anybody can join, ages 5 to 95.”

Art Marathon co-founder Andrew Mara compared the event to a younger, more experimental version of the Fargo-Moorhead Visual Artists’ Studio Crawl held annually in October.

The Art Marathon, however, offers a little something more, he said.

“It invites different perspectives rather than ‘Go to studio. Look at art. Maybe buy art. Go to next studio. Look at art. Maybe buy art.'”

Mara added that Art Marathoners decide for themselves whether they are spectators, participants or patrons of the art on hand. Prizes are available for finishers, including gift certificates going up to $100.

A closing event will take place at 6 p.m. Saturday at 20 Below Coffee Co. to award prizes and round out the Art Marathon, showcasing the region’s arts and culture for anybody interested.

“It’s a wide variety of people and a wide variety of experiences with art,” Atwell said. “That’s kind of the goal there too, to make something accessible and something that expands people’s horizons.”


WHEN: Until May 2
MORE INFO: Art Marathon app available from Android store

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