“Overheard at NDSU” is Dead


Note: This column serves to address various issues of pretty much any nature. These issues may be ones that are frustrating, annoying or even humorous. Reader attention is advised.

A long, long time ago in a world that seems far, far gone, the popular Facebook page “Overheard at NDSU” was funny.

For those not aware of what “Overheard” is, it is a Facebook page established to showcase the humorous conversations or statements heard on North Dakota State’s campus.

In the beginning, the site flourished with absurd conversations students overheard from their peers. Posts ranged from the embarrassed pair of freshmen who were stuck in the wrong class but too afraid to get up and leave to random conversations heard in the union.

Now it has been reduced to an advertisement space and forum for people to throw their political and personal beliefs. The day on campus when the graphic abortion images were on display, “Overheard” became a political battlefield.

People have stopped posting humorous tidbits actually overheard on campus and are posting about their lost keys. Anyone who once experienced the joy “Overheard” once provided can tell you the site has lost its way. Only once in a blue moon does a post make it on to the page that is actually humorous AND overheard on NDSU’s campus.

Some of the sites followers have tried policing the content to keep what “doesn’t belong” from being posted. Despite the consistent efforts to do so, it seems to no avail. It’s the thought that counts, right? Maybe not.

There is no point in continuing to beat a dead horse. The site “Overheard at NDSU” may just be that dead horse. We can remember it fondly for what it was and move on. We won’t forget your former greatness “Overheard.”

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