An Open Letter to #NDSUFeminist

This is an open letter to #NDSUFeminist in response to their March 3rd letter to The Spectrum.

In your letter you stated that one of your primary purposes is to “dispel myths and old views of feminism.”

Despite your conviction that feminism is an inclusive ideology aimed at achieving gender equality, I am not convinced that this is the case.

So in the interest of dispelling these alleged myths that I believe in, I am posing three questions to you in the hope that you will write a letter to The Spectrum answering these questions.

1.) Why is your ideology called “feminism” as opposed to some form of “gender egalitarianism?”

I do not understand why a movement that supposedly works towards gender equality would be named in such a way that focuses only on women.

Personally, I think the definition of feminism you provided (“the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities”) is incomplete at best.

I think that in order to qualify as a feminist, you must profess a belief in the existence of the oppressive patriarchy. Furthermore, you have to regard the patriarchy as one of the primary sources of the world’s evil.

2.) How come everybody that challenges feminism, without fail, finds themselves on the receiving end of harassment, intimidation, slander and censorship attempts?

I wrote an article on March 3rd that listed six (of numerous) examples where feminists have demonstrated this behavior at college campuses all over the world. This behavior even exists at North Dakota State.

NDSU staff member (and WGS administrative board member) Beth Twomey’s September 28th letter to The Spectrum encouraged the NDSU community to punish not only me, but my colleagues, in response to articles I had written that criticized feminism.

This was a blatant intimidation tactic that occurred right in the public’s eye.

This is related to the point I was trying to make in my first question.

The fact that feminists consistently treat opposition in this manner demonstrates that one of their primary goals is to promote their belief that the patriarchy is the primary source of evil.

3.) Did the Women and Gender Studies department pressure you into promoting feminism?

I have been saying since my first article that rather than promoting scholarly pursuits, WGS programs serve as centers of indoctrination for feminist ideology. NDSU’s WGS webpage and Twitter profile makes no secret of the fact that it exists to promote feminism.

You openly stated in your letter that you started your activism as a project for your WGS class. I find it puzzling why four freethinking adults would independently choose to promote an ideology that is entirely consistent with that of their professors.

There is a final point I am trying to prove by writing this letter, and it is one I have been trying to make since my first article: feminist lack the desire and/or ability to engage in logical discourse. Instead they would rather slander their opposition by labeling it as sexist.

I submit #NDSUFeminist’s response as evidence for this claim. I find it unlikely they will reply to this article. If they do, there is a high probability they will call me sexist and tell me to check my privilege.

I will leave it up to them to prove me wrong.

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  1. You boys need some fresh reading material. Here– let me help…
    and if you don’t like to read new stuff, perhaps a video will be easier:

    Keep in mind that this is just one modern take on feminism. It’s one that makes ME happy, though I’m sure it won’t help you. Still. Please accept it as gift– a hug box if you will, from me to you.

    1. Calling a gift a hug box makes me smile.

      There are a few things that are ridiculous with the link that I’d like to give my 2 cents on.

      2. The Man – It says that men are not criticized simply for being men, but that’s false. If you look at @NDSUfeminist’s twitter (what provoked this), there is a tweet that says if you are a man, you’re not allowed to have an opinion on abortion.
      It says patriarchy(tm) also keeps men down and feminists try to deal with problems that men disproportionately face. But this is false. Feminists actively lobby against solutions that help men because helping men is sexist towards women. Feminist Christina Hoff Summers has a book called “the war against boys” and she has been ostracized by the feminist movement because of it.
      3. Do women honestly think men don’t know what a period is?
      4. Abortion – it’s one of the single most polarizing topics in America. People disagree and emotions run high when talking about it. There are plenty of male escorts that will help at clinics; you can go downtown every wednesday and see them. Roughly half the people who are pro-choice are men; roughly half the people who are pro-life are women.
      6. Fear – This bit was just shameful. If you walk around at night with your keys between your fingers, you are unbelievably paranoid.
      7. Everybody is tired, not just women.
      9. Not being able to decide what to wear is your own choice. I read an article the other day about how a self imposed uniform greatly simplifies life, reduces anxiety, saves time, and saves money. I’ve been doing it for a long time and I would recommend everyone start doing this.
      Nobody cares if your shoe laces don’t match your purse zipper (or whatever nonsense).
      10. Feminism being a populist movement is one of the biggest reasons some people don’t describe themselves as feminists. It is a pure rejection of individuality when people use government to force a philosophy on everyone. Imagine if a bunch of christians got together and said gays can’t have sex (such laws were struct down in 2003). That is what populism does. The rightest or wrongness of a philosophy MUST NOT depend one other people thinking the same way, because then you end up with mob rule.
      12. Thief

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