On This Day

Today marks the sixth anniversary of the Fort Hood shooting in Bell County, Texas. This mass shooting was the largest on an American Military base; thirteen people, 12 soldiers and a civilian, were killed and 32 were injured. The shooting lasted ten minutes with 214 rounds fired.

All of the victims of the Fort Hood shooting were awarded the Purple Heart last April, including Francheska Valez.

Valez was a 21-year-old private from Chicago. She was pregnant during the shooting and after being shot in the chest both her and her child died.

Senator Joe Lieberman said the shooting was “the most destructive terrorist attack on America since September 11, 2001”.

Recently the media has been plagued by mass shootings. President Obama has given 11 speeches addressing the mass shootings during his presidency. Unfortunately, with each new shooting the last gets pushed to the back burner.

How quickly we forget these massacres. On this day six years ago parents lost children, and children lost parents. This shooting was devastating to Americans, yet it is easily swept aside.

All I ask is that you remember what happened on this day six years ago. At the very least, the men and woman and their families deserve a thought of remembrance.

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