‘We Want to Be a Place the Students Are Proud Of’

GABBY HARTZE | THE SPECTRUM  Herd & Horns, new to the Bison Block on 12th Avenue North, serves all Bison -- past, present, students and staff.
Herd & Horns, new to the Bison Block on 12th Avenue North, serves all Bison — past, present, students and staff.

Brent Tehven and Mike Dragosavich wear many hats.

The former Bison football players not only run Spotlight Media’s four magazines and the One Herd clothing line, but along with two former North Dakota State wrestlers, the men are now partners in Herd & Horns, the restaurant new to the Bison Block on 12th Avenue North.

The restaurant/bar venture announced a year ago is “a restaurant first,” Tehven said, “all about Bison pride,” from freshmen to NDSU administration.

“We want to have a place you can bring your parents to, President Bresciani can bring a donor to, a coach can bring a recruit to,” Tehven said.

“We want this to be a place where students can come, work on projects, have a burger, have a beer, have a soda. … We’re very conscious about being a restaurant first.”

‘Room for all of us’ 

Housed in the Bison Block, Herd & Horns joins a number of other establishments, from Spicy Pie to Jimmy John’s.

Tehven said The Bison Turf bar on University Drive, another eatery aimed at college students, is not necessarily competition for Herd & Horns. Rather, he said, there is room for everybody, especially with NDSU’s growth.

“We’re serving a different style of food in a different atmosphere,” Tehven said. “It depends on what you’re looking for. It’s another option.”

Offering herds of slider sandwiches and horn mugs of beer and other beverages, he said the restaurant’s food is “not gourmet,” but is a craft product.

Including every member of the Herd is at the heart of the establishment. Tehven said though he and the other owners have high expectations, they have simple goals.

“Everything is based on community for everything that we do. … We want to be a place the students are proud of.”

Putting it together

The former Bison athletes, including former wrestlers Steve Saxlund and Todd Fuller, put legs on their dream about a year ago. Despite numerous setbacks in construction and delayed opening dates, Tehven said it was all about wanting to do it right.

Construction in Fargo was heavy during Herd & Horns’ building, especially on the NDSU’s campus, Tehven added.

“Contractors were tough (to come by),” he said.

The interior of the restaurant offers a variety of seating, from the bar to tables to booths to a curtained corner table in the back.

The only restrictions on seating are at the bar for those 21 and over. Otherwise, “we want to make it as comfortable for the university as possible,” Tehven said.


With a community focus, Herd & Horns took some special measures to help out NDSU students.

The restaurant partnered with the Bison Information Network down the strip mall to help out with broadcasting from the restaurant.

A special booth with lights and cables piped over to BIN’s office gives the student media organization a sit-down spot for interviews and broadcasts.

Students with group projects have no shortage of places to work in Herd & Horns, Tehven said, from the curtained table in the back to power outlets along every booth.

“We want it to be a comfortable place where they can work on group projects, put the tables together and do a study session,” he said.

With soft openings last week leading up to its grand opening on Saturday, little remains left to do for Herd & Horns. Some artwork has yet to be hung among other small tasks, but the restaurant is open for business, Tehven said.

Down the line, he said the eatery would be interested in other ideas like shuttles between Fargodome games and concerts, but for now it’s about the restaurant.

“We want to have a first-class place,” Tehven said.

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