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It is Okay to Be Single

“I am a serial monogamist.”

I was having a heart-to-heart conversation with my friend about our relationship status when he dropped this one-liner on me. I laughed at first because it sounded like a ridiculous statement, but in truth, it was accurate.

He was a guy who had been “single” for a cumulative seven months since his sophomore year in high school. This was during a period of having four separate girlfriends in five years.

Some people just cannot handle being “alone.” Don’t get me wrong: There is nothing wrong with having a significant other; this is addressing the people who feel they need to have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

This compulsive need is not a healthy behavior. Personal happiness should not be dependent on others. Personal value should not be dependent on a significant other.

For a while, I was someone who felt I could not be truly happy unless I found my perfect girlfriend. This magical person was going to be the solution to all my problems, and we would carry on in bonded bliss.

I know now, this is a ridiculous notion.

Problems don’t just go away. A profound statement one of my friends told me when I was feeling low was simply, “you do you.”

All that entails is just being okay with yourself and taking each day as it comes. The best advice I have heard is to be okay with your relationship status.

Being single means not having to worry about getting approval or having to consider someone else’s plans. I don’t think some people realize the perks of being single. Going to dinner with friends means having fun and only having to pay for yourself.

Being single doesn’t make someone any less of a person and having a significant other doesn’t make anyone better.

I’m sure everyone has known that couple who is constantly all over each other. The awkward situations that come from being around these people are uncomfortable.

The best relationships come from people who can be independently dependent. Simply put, they enjoy each other’s company and love quality, but a few days apart won’t kill them.

To those who are feeling sad about being single, keep your chin up. Though it is not fun to see friends in relationships doing cutesy things or being the third wheel, life will carry on.

So many of us are under the age of 25; we have plenty of time ahead us. There are still many people you will meet. Coming to college showed me just how many different people there are out there.

Enjoy the season of life you are currently in. Being single as a 20-something adult allows for all types of freedoms we won’t have for long, so make the most of it.

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