North Dakota Spooky University

Anyone who steps into the basement of Ceres Hall will first wonder why the ceilings are so low. As they venture further back, they will begin to hear a banging noise almost as if someone is trapped inside a metal pipe. The further back a person ventures, the louder and faster the banging becomes.

Why does this banging exist? The answer is simple. A spirit exists in the basement of Ceres Hall, belonging to man who hung himself there during WWII. The man is rumored to have been a janitor at North Dakota State at the time.

Attempting to enter the 3rd floor is difficult due to restricted access. Despite requesting permission to enter the 3rd floor, University Relations of NDSU denied access.

The story that follows the third floor is that back when it was a women’s residence hall in the beginnings of NDSU, a girl hung herself up there. People say that later in the day you can hear a girl crying of sadness. It is rumored she hung herself due to a downfall in her academic performance.

Minard Hall is known for its ballroom fire where all attendees of the dance burned. Later a portion of the building collapsed. Both events have led to a belief in the supernatural occurring frequently.

Burgum Hall, as it is commonly known, was actually supposed to be named “Slaughter Hall,” after one of the first female students to attend NDSU. The university decided that was too violent and named it after her after her marriage took place, when her last became Burgum.

Ladd Hall is a modern day horror story. There are reports stating that Ladd Hall will no longer be fixed up, but instead allowed to rot to the point of collapse. Meanwhile, students are still allowed to attend courses within the building.

The Inforum reported that Ladd and Dunbar Hall both have significant fire code violations like the improper storing of hazardous materials.  They also reported that Dean Bresciani describes Dunbar Hall as “literally dangerous.”

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