North Dakota Residents to Conceal and Carry

Starting Aug. 1, North Dakota gun owners will be legally allowed to conceal and carry their firearms without a permit. The only requirement will be a valid North Dakota driver’s license or state issued ID.

Currently, in order to maintain a permit to conceal and carry in N.D., individuals had to complete an open book test and pass a background check. The check still applies, but now it will be easier to carry a gun.

Governor Doug Burgum, a gun owner himself, signed House Bill 1169 into law late Thursday.

The bill only applies to North Dakota residents who must have their legal identification for at least a year. Residents from neighboring states will still be required to have a class 1 or class 2 gun license which requires an open book test and a background check.

Firearms will still be prohibited in public places such as schools and churches, and if carriers are confronted by a law enforcement officer, they must admit to being armed.

“I ask legislators and law enforcement officials to closely monitor this new law with a continual focus on public safety,” Burgum said in a press release.

ABC News reported North Dakota House Majority Leader Al Carlson (R) does not believe that the shooting or crime rates will go up, but rather that it is a victory for the second amendment.

ABC News also reported that the bill mentioned above came in with a series of other bills, some intended at allowing firearms in schools, places or worship, or other public spaces, however no word from the Governor about those bills have come out yet. A similar bill was proposed in South Dakota, but was vetoed.

Dissension about the bill came largely from Democrats, as their platform typically does not support more lenient gun laws or regulations, the Bismarck Tribune reported.

Gun safety instructor Craig Roe said he doesn’t believe the bill is an issue in terms of safety, the Forum reported. He added people will know how to use a gun and how to do so safely.

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