No Way But the Snow Day

My view for the entirety of last Monday, as I was not going anywhere.

I’m pretty sure I’ve now had more snow days in college than all of K-12 combined. That’s not even counting unofficial snow days where class is just too far away and my mug is just too warm. Sounds like some of you at least used to have half days where you could come in late.

Not us; we got optional days. That’s when they let you decide whether or not you want to come into class that day, but more often then not you don’t even know it’s an optional day until you’re in class. Really makes you wonder what the option is. I’ve determined it to be the option to hate the weather or hate the faculty. The fun choice is always both.

College, on the other hand, has its act together. Today, I sit on my couch with an unfinished assignment meant to be due today and a cup of coffee. NDSU knows when to say, “Hey guys, you might die today. Maybe just take a sec?”

Sure, it’s a little rough out there, but I don’t think there’s enough love for living in an icy hellscape. Some of you might even be freaking out about the classes you’ve missed today. I had three classes canceled that are testing Wednesday. Granted, when this article comes out I’ll have already taken them, so if you’d like to check up on me and maybe tell me my beard is looking full, I’d appreciate it.

Point is this is a wonderful, spectacular, beautifully out of the regular, fully natural tranquilizer, get to work relaxing and really put your back in ‘er kind of days. I’ve got stuff to get done. And I’m gonna get it done. I also plan on watching the snow out my window and making hot cocoa with my roommates while we watch “Coco.”

I like this sentiment going into spring break as well. If you’re getting worked up because you have any final tests coming up or you’re crazy enough to be thinking about after spring break, calm down. Take a second. Collect yourself. Collect your thoughts. Collect some cash. Collect a hot beverage. Collect a sweater. Enjoy some terrible weather.

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