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No Reason to be Bored in Fargo

I realized a long time ago that I already own enough stuff.

I was tired of spending money on things that didn’t really further my happiness and only added to the massive clutter and consumerism America is obsessed with. Instead, I started spending money on experiences.

Local events have the unique opportunity to showcase what an area has to offer. In the spirit of spirits, I attended the second annual Bernie’s Wines and Liquors Bacon and Beer Festival this weekend at Scheels Arena. Just as it sounds, it features bacon and beer.

Local restaurants and breweries come with their finest wares, ready to impress thousands of people with their creations. It is not only delicious, but fun to try new things.

However, I still hear from friends that they are bored and there is nothing to do here. This boggles my mind. How can they be bored? We have a pretty decent range of things to do for being a fairly small, Midwestern city.

I have lived in Fargo for the last seven years, and I am continually impressed with the level of entertainment we are able to obtain. Not only festivals like this one, but also concerts, marathons, pub crawls and various other random events that come to town are always fun to experience.

I grew up in a town of about 700 people, so entertainment outside of ourselves was pretty thin.

However, living in Fargo, my options are endless. I never ever find myself lacking something to do. I attend concerts regularly, go to local theater productions, see comedians at Courtney’s Comedy Club in Moorhead, paint with Creatively Uncorked and sample beer at Drekker Brewing Company and Fargo Brewing Company.

The annual Downtown Pub Crawl is this weekend for Saint Patrick’s Day. If beer and pub crawling aren’t your things, there is still a parade.

I just don’t understand the phrase “I’m bored.” Fargo and the surrounding areas have seriously upped their entertainment game, and there is no reason to ever be bored.

My advice is to get out and experience new things instead of new stuff. You never know when you’re going to find a new, fun hobby and meet new friends. If things seem expensive to you, maybe you don’t need that new pair of boots and could instead enjoy dinner at a new restaurant or see that band coming to town.

Most of my best memories come from the experiences I had with friends and family. I would rather remember the good laughs and times I had with friends than own more stuff. Life is too short to spend it being bored, so go out and try something new.


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