Twitch streamer Ninja to be placed on Red Bull cans

As if he hasn’t received enough attention

Just imagine these cans with Ninja’s face on them.   

Most of you know who Ninja is, but for those that don’t, here you go. Ninja, born Tyler Blevins, is an internet sensation and Twitch streamer.

Nobody knew who he was prior to 2017. As of April 2019, he has 13.5 million followers on Instagram and nearly every gamer knows of him.

He first garnered attention after the creation of the video game “Fortnite” and started to become a widely known streamer. His net worth and popularity have shot through the roof since. He’s one of the more famous icons in the world right now.

Ninja recently agreed with Red Bull to put his face on the cans of their energy drinks. It started April 1 (not a fool) and will continue while supplies last.

“It’s been a year beyond my wildest dreams, and a big part of that has come from joining the Red Bull family and the wings they’ve given me,” Ninja said in a statement. “To get my own Red Bull can is more than I could have ever imagined, and I am stoked to celebrate the launch by giving my fans a chance to join me for a gaming session.”

The can launch offers consumers the chance to meet and play with Ninja. Consumers can visit and upload a picture or video that creatively showcases how they play for their chance of being selected.

I respect what Ninja’s doing, but how much money are we going to give this guy?

By being the best at a very popular video game, Blevins has become one of the more popular figures to video game playing kids all around the world. The media made him an icon, and now he’s reaping the benefits.

I mean, can you blame him though? I would certainly take advantage of that situation. It’s not easy to get rich in this world, but Ninja is just another example of how there are ways to get wealthy by essentially doing nothing.

Now that he has his name on the map (an understatement), he will get endorsement and promotional deals worth large amounts of money. For example, he was paid $1 million by Electronic Arts to promote the video game “Apex Legends” just by playing it on Twitch and his Twitter account. I live for the day I get paid seven figures to play a video game for people to watch, like come on.

I think Ninja realized how blessed he is to be in this situation, however. He has donated lots of money to charitable organizations. He raised over $110,000 to be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

A couple months later, during the first “Fortnite” Battle Royale Esports event, Blevins gave away nearly $50,000 in prize money, $2,500 of which went to the Alzheimer’s Association. There are a few more examples of Ninja donating money to charity.

At least he’s putting his money to a good cause. He definitely knows he has it pretty easy in life compared to others. I would be a little annoyed if he didn’t donate money as much as he did.

When you’re getting $6 million a year just to play a video game, not even including the money he gets from endorsements, you have to be generous. There are people that work so much harder than him just to put food on the table.

Here’s what I think about Ninja. He’s that guy that was hand selected by God to reap the benefits life has to offer. People can say he works hard at what he does, which is playing video games. I can somewhat agree with that, but at the end of the day it’s a video game. There are lots of people who are good at video games. He just happens to be so good that he got recognized and is now an icon.

If I were in his position, I would donate lots of money to charity while also being appreciative of how much support I get for what I do. So far, he has done just that. That said, I have more respect for him than if he was wasteful with his money.

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