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Bucket list: you probably know of the term from the 2007 movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman — two dying men determined to strike everything off of their lists before they die.

Have you ever thought of making a bucket list? The greatest part of a bucket list is perhaps the fact that you can write down all your wild and crazy dreams onto paper, without having to worry. It gives you a space to dream up experiences that you would like to have in your life, and maybe just give you a reminder if those experiences ever begin to become a reality.

The key to bucket lists is to not hold back. Write down the things that excite you, experiences you are curious about, places you would like to go, etc. If you are wondering where to start, here are five bucket list ideas that were recently trending from users on Pinterest to help you start your list.

Go on a hot air balloon ride

If you aren’t afraid of heights and get a thrill out of the idea, why not put it on your bucket list?

Take a photo every day for a year

This interesting idea is something you could start today. Isn’t that neat? This Pinterest bucket list idea shows that not everything on your list has to be expensive.

Sometimes it is the little things that bring us the most joy.

Visit Ireland

Ireland is beautiful. Why not come up with your dream vacation there?

Visit all 50 states

Road trip anyone? This would be a great idea for anyone’s bucket list.

Write a letter to yourself and open it in 10 years

No really, sit down and write a letter to yourself. Write about the things that make you excited, your best friends, your favorite classes, etc.

Ten years from now you will be able to look at that letter and relive the memories you are making today.

So, what are you waiting for? Go out and make your bucket list and write down all your wildest dreams. Remember that you can always go back and add more as you start striking off the list and never forget to have fun.

After all, a bucket list reminds us to live in the present and treasure every moment.

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