New construction on campus

Campus construction continues through this semester

North Dakota State University is adding more spaces for students and faculty during this semester. Construction projects are happening around campus to improve student, athletic and faculty spaces. 


Skywalks between Hultz Hall, Ladd Hall, Sugihara Hall and the Memorial Union are nearly completed. The skywalks are set to be completed mid-October, which will allow students to use them before the winter months. 

Sugihara Hall will be connected to the Memorial Union and Hultz Hall through these skywalks. These are being added between these three buildings to create more indoor walking space for students, which is especially helpful for the winter months. With this skywalk added, students will be able to get from Morrill Hall to the Quentin Burdick Building and to A. Glenn Hill Center without having to step outside.  

A “hub” was also added by Ladd to allow students to enter the skywalks from the sidewalk area. The hub will contain a staircase and a passenger elevator for access to the skywalks. “So you can actually, from the sidewalk go into this hub and then jump into the elevator,” said the Director of Facilities Management Michael Ellingson. 

The skywalks have been in the works for many years and started with the construction of Sugihara. “We were looking at okay if we’re going to have this new building, how do we connect and then it kinda blossomed,” said Ellingson.

The Peltier Complex

The Peltier Complex has also started construction. This complex is an agricultural and extension facility that will connect students to farmers around the state and nation. The Complex will allow NDSU students and staff to work closely with the nation’s agricultural producers and consumers. It will also provide learning opportunities for students to work closely with other producers and researchers. 

“They’ve excavated out a lot of the dirt,” said Ellingson, with steel being delivered in November more construction will follow. The Peltier complex is estimated to be completed in April of 2024. 

To learn more about the Peltier Complex click here. 

Nodak Insurance Football Performance Complex

The Nodak Insurance Football Performance Complex is nearly completed with their first phase of construction. The indoor and outdoor fields will be completed mid-October. This complex will mostly cater to football, but other NDSU athletics will be benefited from the complex as well. “The primary sport is football, but there is netting that we are putting in there so that will allow softball to be in there, baseball to be in there, golf to be in there, soccer can be in there,” said Ellingson. 

The complex contains indoor and outdoor turf fields and practice facilities. For the second phase of construction they will add a weight room. “That weight room will mainly be for football,” said Ellingson, but it will give “more flexibility to all sports to be able to get access.” The second phase will be completed in April 2023. 

The third phase will add “sports medicine, locker rooms and then a couple of meeting rooms,” said Ellingson. This complex will be helpful to NDSU football and all athletics. This will allow sports to be practiced in an indoor and an outdoor field. 

To learn more about the Peltier Complex click here. 

Counseling Center

The NDSU Counseling Center has temporarily been moved to the Stop and Go center while its former location in Ceres Hall is being remodeled. This construction will allow for more student and office space. 

The renovations will also include updating the electrical, ventilation and air conditioning. The renovations will also include updating the break rooms and new group rooms. They will also be adding a relaxation room, which will include message chairs.

The renovations are expected to be done in the first part of May; however, the counseling center plans to stay at the Stop and Go center for the entire year. The renovated space will add “a little more space to the rooms, so it will flow a lot better,” said Ellingson. Besides the location change, all other services will remain the same for the counseling center. 

To learn more about the Peltier Complex click here. 

Ellig Sports Complex

An outdoor track was renovated in the Schlanser Practice Running Field. This new field now fits the NCAA standards. More rennovations at the field include a new set of grandstands as well as a pressbox. 

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