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NDSU Unveils New Soybean Variety

North Dakota State released a new soybean variety that is bred for high protein, tofu and soy milk specialty markets.

The variety, called ND1406HP, includes characteristics like purple flower color, gray pubescence, yellow hila with dull seed coat luster and brown pod color.

Compared to other North Dakota varieties, ND1406HP has higher protein content and matures faster.

However, it yields six bushels per acre less and matures faster.

“ND1406HP will be attractive for people in the food-grade soybean market because of its potential to be an earlier tofu soybean with high yield,” Tom Teigen, NDSU Agronomy Seed Farm director said. “It also has better quality and shorter maturity than Prosoy, the current industry standard specialty soybean.”

Along with having a higher yield and faster maturity, ND1406HP has a larger seed size, which is important for the speed that the seed absorbs water.

The faster the water is absorbed, the more quickly it can be processed into tofu or soymilk.

It has taken NDSU research specialists along with North Dakota Soybean Council, North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station, North Dakota Crop Improvement and Seed Association and Dakota Select Seed eight years to release this variety.

It took eight years for it to be released because they wanted to make sure they had enough valid data on characteristics, disease resistance and yield of the variety.

The North Dakota Soybean Council and North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station funded variety ND1406HP.

Professionals in the industry are excited about this new soybean variety and the potential it has to help shape the way tofu and soy milk are made and processed.

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