NDSU Track & Field team swaps spikes for Crocs

Director of Track & Field finds athletes perform better in Crocs because of lightweight material

As the NDSU Men’s and Women’s Track & Field teams begin their 2022 outdoor season, a few changes are being made to their wardrobe.

With the evidence of the current, low performing footwear, Director of Track & Field and Cross-Country Stevie Keller is making an executive decision to require Crocs™ as the designated footwear for NDSU Track & Field athletes.

Typically, the normal footwear consists of track spikes, or “spikes.” This shoe features protruding spikes, technically called “pins,” on the soles used when racing on the track.

The first few weeks of practice proved to coaches that the spikes do not allow the athletes to reach their maximum athletic potential.

Students also mentioned the constant foot pain they experience thanks to their uncomfortable spikes. Now, many of them are diagnosed with Plantar fasciitis, the most common cause of heel pain caused by excessive use of the muscles in the foot. This condition involves inflammation of a thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of each foot and connects the heel bone to the toes, according to Mayo Clinic.

“We hate seeing our athletes in pain and want to provide a comfortable shoe for them to run in,” said Keller. “After looking over the options, Crocs™ seemed to make the most sense. When the action strap is on, the running begins. Afterwards, athletes can release tension in their shoe by lifting the action strap off their heel.”

The Crocs™ company claims their shoe offers lightweight comfort for any occasion and every season. Keller explains that the lightweight shoe is easier on the athletes’ feet.

“All Crocs™ shoes are uniquely designed and manufactured using the company’s proprietary closed-cell resin, Croslite™, a technology that gives each pair of shoes the soft, comfortable, lightweight, non-marking and odor-resistant qualities that Crocs wearers know and love. Crocs™ footwear is ideal for casual wear, as well as for professional use and recreational activities,” Crocs™ states on their website.

After reading that overview, what team doesn’t want to substitute their current, uncomfortable footwear for a pair of Crocs™?

The brand stands for innovation, fun and comfort for people who want shoes that conform to their personalities and lifestyles, as well as to their feet, according to their website. Because the shoe comes in many different colors, the athletes want to choose their own color to show off their personality.

Here is a Crocs™ color and personality guide for athletes and others to use:

  • Red – you’re bold and your favorite movie is Cars
  • Orange – you try way too hard to be different and you’re probably vegan
  • Yellow – you’re weird and you watch Outer Banks
  • Lime green – you’re super shy and your favorite candy is Skittles
  • Dark green – you are crusty and give off John Deere vibes
  • Light blue – you are chill and you’re addicted to Nicholas Cage
  • Dark blue – you’re always tired and believe in flat Earth
  • Purple – you are the coolest out of your friends and Barney
  • Pink – you’re basic and strictly buy clothes from Lululemon
  • Black – you don’t know how to have fun and you have no taste
  • White – you’re a brat and you’re not afraid to take risks

Keller is hoping the updated footwear will improve their record for the 2022 season. Make sure to tune in to their first tournament in Hawaii on April 31.

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