NDSU Students Rally for Michael Brown

GABBY HARTZE | THE SPECTRUM North Dakota State students (from left to right) Ruth Buffalo, Katie Field, Anthony Birklid and Laura Mohn protest Tuesday morning outside the Memorial Union. Field said the rally is to show unison and support for Michael Brown’s family.

Ferguson, Mo. erupted the night of Nov. 25 after a grand jury decided against indicting the police officer who fatally shot an unarmed teenager.

On the morning of Nov. 26, six North Dakota State students responded with peaceful protests outside of the Memorial Union.

Students gathered to show support for Michael Brown, an African-American teenager killed by Darren Wilson, a white Ferguson police officer.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency prior to the indictment announcement, yet rioting still occurred.

Unrest in Ferguson included looting and arson.

NDSU senior Katie Field helped gather the on-campus protest. She created a Facebook group shortly after the no-indictment verdict was released.

“We’re rallying for peace,” Field said. “We just want to make sure everyone on campus is aware of what is happening.”

The protesters bundled up for the cool morning and afternoon, equipped with poster board signs. After being interviewed by WDAY, the protesters received negative comments on the station’s Facebook page.

“While our protest was aimed to bring peace to the people of Ferguson,” Field said, “individuals from the area chose to slander our character and funnel their frustration toward us.

“Whether you agree with the verdict or disagree, we’re not concerned with that.”

Informing the public was their goal, she said, along with it being a peaceful protest.

“(Mike Brown’s) family asked for everyone to remain peaceful while protesting,” Field said. “And unfortunately that’s being ignored.”

Brown’s family and President Barack Obama urged the public to remain peaceful after the announcement was made to drop the indictment.

In Ferguson, a dozen buildings were set on fire as more than 60 protesters were arrested, national media reported.

On Nov. 26 in Minneapolis, a driver struck a protester claiming he was “attempting to flee from the mob,” The Star Tribune said.

While Field condemned the violence, she was still upset with the verdict.

“I can’t say if he’s guilty or not, but it should have went to trial,” she said. “Standing up and fighting for the rights of those individuals is our most important call to action.”

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