NDSU Needs to Green Up

GABBY HARTZE | THE SPECTRUM This bin is among one of the few recycling receptacles around campus.
This bin is among one of the few recycling receptacles around campus.

Overall, I can’t complain about NDSU. It is a great school with a great reputation.

However, just a few things really bother me that I think we can and should improve on. Our “green” situation is sad and lacking. As a leading research university with thousands of students, why aren’t we doing more to protect the environment?

The heating unit on campus is outdated, dirty and expensive. You can’t miss it. It’s that huge building by Minard constantly releasing a billowing cloud of dirty steam. It is fueled mostly by coal with natural gas and fuel oil as backups.

Living in North Dakota with seemingly nonstop wind, we should be able to implement some sort of clean, renewable energy from wind turbines built right here in the state. Not only would this solve the dirty energy problem, but it wouldn’t be displacing revenue for the state.

The recycling situation on campus is terrible. Just a few places on campus have recycling available.

It is really sad to see the garbage cans filled with empty water bottles, soda cans and copies of The Spectrum. Is there a reason we can’t have recycling bins next to each garbage can? The garbage needs to be collected, so why not add receptacles for plastic, glass, newspapers and cans in every room?

I’m putting out a call to the decision makers of this university. Please know your inaction is noticed and quite a few of us think something should be done to rectify these situations.

If the reason that awful coal plant hasn’t been replaced is financial, then ask the state for more money or cut the budget somewhere else. I’m sure there is a reason this has not been done yet, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a top priority.

I would like to see some urgency on the part of NDSU. An urgency to recognize clean energy and sustainability as the way of the future and to do everything we can to help that happen.

Global warming is real, and it’s a problem shared by everyone on Earth. It isn’t a problem somebody else is going to fix. Everybody has to do their part to ensure there is an Earth to live on when we get older.

NDSU should be doing everything in its power to lead the way and set an example. The least they can do is give us more recycling bins.

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