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NDSU in Brief

An associate professor of English at NDSU will give a talk to students about the violence of characters in an­ime, an NDSU press release said.

Betsy Birmingham, as­sociate dean of the arts, humanities and social sci­ences at NDSU, will present “Anime’s Dangerous Inno­cents: Millennial Anxieties, Gender Crises and the Shojo Body as a Weapon” at 4 pm. Wednesday, April 16, in the Weber Reading Room in the NDSU library.

Birmingham will talk about portrayal of certain characters in anime as vio­lent and their impacts.

The presentation will include the showings of several anime clips of dan­gerous anime schoolgirls. These kinds of characters, Birmingham said in the press release, are made to be simply violent where some scholars say they are being portrayed as powerful.

By looking at the Japa­nese anime programs, Bir­mingham hopes to encour­age more analysis of the shows being created in the United States.

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