NDSU departments participate in Giving Day

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Giving Day is a time when anyone can share their generosity and donate

Several university programs and groups encouraged donations to help funding during the annual Giving Day

Giving day, also known as Giving Tuesday, is a national event hosted annually on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. The purpose is to encourage generosity and help various communities. NDSU participated in the occasion and many departments received donations.

Giving Day was a 24-hour live event taken place on Dec. 1. Anyone could participate and donations are still being accepted.

NDSU in total raised over $1.3 million in donations and received nearly two thousand gifts.

Eighteen NDSU colleges and groups participated in the event, each one playing a part in the grand total of donations received.

Student Government is one of the many programs that joined in on Giving Day. The organization partnered with the Alumni Foundation and matched donations in support of the NDSU Food Security Fund.

Student Body President Matthew Friedmann talked about the importance of using Giving Day gifts to support the task force. “Food shortages are something many students may face while trying to balance finances,” he said. “Providing that food-security is invaluable in a holistic approach to student wellbeing.”

Friedmann explained Student Government’s mission is to make NDSU a better place and Giving Day donations help. “By donating to causes like the food security task force, we are doing our best to fulfill that promise to students.”

All contributions are put to good use for charities or bettering the campus community. “Every donation matters and is money that will be put directly back into making NDSU a better place,” Friedmann said.

Executive Commissioner for Academic and Student Affairs Meghan Yerhot helped in making the food security force a reality on campus. She mentioned the partnership they created with NDSU Foundation to match donations to go towards the food security fund, the Swipe Out Hunger program and food pantry Goods for the Herd.

“It is important to donate because many students will be directly helped through the generosity of others,” Yerhot said. “It is truly apparent on Giving Day that many care for our NDSU community.”

The university libraries were also apart of the participating organizations.

Dean of Libraries Joe Mocnik spoke about Friends of the Libraries, a group created for those who share a passion for the community and the NDSU library. Library donators received information about inclusion in the new group when making a contribution.

“Giving Day was a great opportunity to launch Friends of the Libraries as the day’s intention is to unite alumni and friends of the university as we help build its future,” Mocnik said.

Library donations create opportunities to improve the student experience. Mocnik stated the gifts will be used to help improve services like new technology, more resources, enhancing Special Collections and overall improving teaching and learning opportunities.

Mocnik made a point that Giving Day can have great influence across the community. “With benefactors committing to matches and challenges, it allows peoples’ gifts to go even further,” he said. “It’s a day where the NDSU community and beyond can come together, even virtually and make change happen.”

NDSU Press also encouraged donations during Giving Day to support the department.

Suzzanne Kelley, Associate Professor of Practice and publisher for NDSU Press, acknowledged the importance of the event. “Giving Day is a chance to have an impact on the ability of departments and programs to better serve students,” she said.

Kelley explained how NDSU Press relies on donations from all operations. “Production costs and operating expenses must be provided from our sales and donations. Giving Day is a chance to remind benefactors just how important their philanthropy is to enterprises like NDSU Press.”

The universities’ press has two missions: publishing content to give the North Dakota region a voice and to provide realistic learning experiences for the Certificate in Publishing, Kelley explained. “I support NDSU press because it is important to publish stories of and from North Dakota and this region, and to provide the best experiential learning for our students.”

Donations and gifts made to the press will support costs for book production and student travels.

Contributions made to NDSU came sparingly from many states across the country, North Dakota and Minnesota leading in the number of donors. There were international donations made as well.

To view more Giving Day information for NDSU or to donate, check out ndsugivingday.com.

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