NDSU Bookstore Turns a New Page

The North Dakota State University Bookstore has made some big changes with the start of the new semester, changes they hope will reduce costs and increase ease for students.

Most notable of the store’s efforts have been to rearrange the order of course materials in the basement and utilize Inclusive Access programs in delivering affordable course materials to students.

Returning students who have visited the NDSU Bookstore this far in the semester may have noticed that course materials and textbooks are arranged by author, rather than class title.

Kimberly Anvinson, interim director of the bookstore, who has served as assistant director of the NDSU bookstore for the past eight years, said that the reason for the switch was to allow all copies of each item to be in one place on the shelves.

In previous years, problems had risen when different courses, particularly 189 classes, had required the same textbook, and were spread out in different areas based on course title.

When a student visited the shelf location for their class, they may have found that the material was out of stock, when that particular item was simply in another location under another course listing.

Anvinson said that the new arrangement is similar to that of a library and that shift has helped to eliminate struggles from previous years in making sure every student receives their necessary course materials.

Additionally, digital shelf tags now exist under each title that give students all options of formats for their required item prior to making a purchase.

One new format frequently seen on students’ book lists this semester are those that use the Inclusive Access program. Inclusive Access is a new textbook model that converts large and bulky books into digital content.

Students enrolled in a course that uses Inclusive Access should have received an email notifying them at the beginning of the semester.

If they remain enrolled, cost for the course material will be automatically billed to students’ account at a pre-negotiated price that the NDSU Bookstore has set for all students to reduce costs.

Students are not forced into using Inclusive Access and have the choice to opt out of the program in favor of other forms of the course material. If they choose to opt out, they will lose access to the online form, will no longer be charged or will receive a refund.

One final change: the end of Scratch and Win sales.

The promotion, in which customers have the opportunity to scratch off a ticket revealing a discount for bookstore items, has occurred for the past five years.

The reason for its cessation is, according to Avinson, to “change things up.”

Anvinson said that the NDSU Bookstore is looking to do new and different promotions this upcoming year, ones online customers are able to take advantage of as well as in store customers.

Anvinson wants students to know that the Bookstore is run by campus to serve students, who are their primary focus, and are always open to suggestions and feedback.

“We are here for and are hoping to learn from the students. My door is always open.”

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